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She’d had enough of my absence. Mid-morning found me in the driver’s seat, cruising the hot spots that highlight her life. We shared an ice cream cone, went shopping for her baby sister’s birthday gift, and then to her favorite place of all, the beautiful nature park.

She’s missed me. I’ve missed her. We are making up for lost time.



“Stop and smell the roses!” … Or rather, the pentas’ and catch sight of the Monarch butterflies feeding upon their nectar.


She hid the car keys. No telling what tomorrow brings, but I’m already looking forward to her request(s). I love being “hi-jacked” by my best friend.


Sunday Funnies with Chub-Chub

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It’s Sunday, again I MUST share; 2SweetNot2!

Chub-Chub, the cat is up to another adventure. Such a character we have here. Please enjoy. Thanks goes out to Elayne Griffith and to the the talents of the 15 and counting over at .

Sometimes we simply MUST retreat to the world of the feline. Their independence and revelry allow us a reprieve from the dark. Come and bask in the sunlight. Give a dose of this to your friends.

(Please remember to give credit to those that allow us this treat. Thank you!)

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Harvest copy
By our one and only, Elayne Griffith
Happy Canadian Thanksgiving :-)

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Lights on, night out!

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Thank you!


 To the Grapevine Police Department for bringing the community together this evening.

Sunday Funnies – Starring Chub-Chub!

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I was surfing along the interwebs one day and arrived at the site,

Being a cat lover, I immediately became addicted to the antics of this household.

Today is, Sunday Funnies, written by the extremely talented cartoonist, Elayne Griffith. We are bestowed the many gifts of Chub-Chub, a feline in residence over at, Cats at the Bar.

What a treat! Enjoy…

Originally posted on Cats at the Bar:

Today starts a new feature called Chub-Chub Love, created by the very talented Elayne Griffith.

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Beyond measure

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The vastness of wonder



Sipping the splendor


My years are showing




The element of grace




She ran smack dab

into my heart


Everlasting love …

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 Friends and family will come and go,

but love never dies.






Ace Ventura Pet Purrfect


Sydney Hoberg

Kay’s Fudge

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For Mickey, because she knows I need to smile.

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Wher ever she goes, there’s laughter”
The best recipe ever!

The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody

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