Real Men Wear Pink

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All I want for my birthday is a horse, Auntie M.

image image image

Yes, Little Man, has chosen his future.  Bronco Buster it is!

Those Cookie Monster socks need Spurs, and that pair of, Thomas the Tank Engine P.J.’s will have to be traded in for leather chaps, some silver spurs and leather boots.  Maybe, the Stetson will be upgraded too?

Sorry about the poor quality of the photos.  I was working as fast as I could to capture, “The Moments.”

Stars and Stripes, FOREVER!

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  Happy Fourth of July, Everyone!

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Camden is ready to roll!

Camden is ready to roll!


(My niece is cruising her pumped-up bike in the neighborhood parade this morning.).

Thank you to all who have served with the United States military services.  You make us proud!  Our reverence to all who served and lost their lives.  My special appreciation to all who came back home maimed, injured, and all who suffer from Post Traumatic Syndrome.  Trust and believe that  you  will NOT be forgotten. ❤️  It is time for all of America to stand and be counted in the commitment to aid and assist all who made the “Call to Duty!”


Send bug spray!

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I need a can, heck, I need a caseload!  Send the good stuff, you know the kind:  green can, found in the hunting aisle over at Wally’s World?

I’m vacationing in Northern Arkansas, land of the rice fields.  Boggy, humid, and a smorgasbord haven for the buzz and hum of that vile little creature that loves my O-Positive blood type!

Once I read a sure-fire remedy to ward these bloodsuckers off just by eating tons of garlic and onions.  I tried it.  The only thing it did was scare my family away.  Oh, and then there’s that other homeopathic remedy,  Oregano or Rosemary oils.  Geez-Louise, I imparted a chemical burn to my flesh and smelled like a pizza for a week!image

Next came my experiment with shoving fresh herbs into the pockets of my shorts, and creating a masterpiece crown from fresh Rosemary from the garden.  Still.  Nada. Zip. Zilch.

I can be organic to a point, and then I simply have to throw my hands in the air!  The thought of catching West Nile virus hits smack dab into the brutal reality of this season.

My chosen perfume of Summer is a hefty dose of bug spray mixed in with my SPF’s.  Kind of a manly sent, I guess, but I’ll proudly  go where others only dare.

Like, right here…in Arkansas.



As an Advocate I was Defeated

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No one is ever defeated when they stand and speak of things that have been muted, silenced, kept under lock and key for fear that they will be difficult for others to understand. This is one such message, for silence can be deafening, fear can be all consuming. Ignorance can be deadly.

To be shunned is one thing, to be feared, another. To feel hopeless is life’s greatest despair. Within each one of our lifetimes we will struggle with something. This woman and I share something in common. We have a mental illness.

A powerful voice cannot be silenced by fear, especially when the voice strives to educate. This is one such voice:

Originally posted on A Journey with You:

Last night was sad for me. My husband and I tried for hours to work through my paranoia about an open letter I wrote to a game developer. The letter was spreading on the Internet, and I became frightened that the game developer would come after me.

My husband and I read the letter again and again. There was nothing wrong with the letter it was just my opinion that creating a game about psychosis, depression, and anxiety is disrespectful to those of us with a mental illness.

The company developing the game claims the game is being developed to help eradicate stigma. My position was, and is, that it is a game. That means it is entertainment. Making the suffering of others into entertainment is, in my opinion, awful. I said why in the letter I wrote.

My husband thought the letter was well written, powerful, and he was…

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Climbing to the Top

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Following the transformation:  Monarch Butterfly

Nighttime dreams:  Coccoons to weather our wait.

Nighttime dreams: cocoons to weather our wait.


We've munched the dill plants down to the stems in many places

We’ve munched the dill plants down to the stems in many places.


Some of us are a bit chubbier than others

Some of us are a bit chubbier than others.


The milkweed, a favorite food source (nectar), for the Monarch butterflies, has burst into bloom just a few feet away.

As some of you might recall (from an earlier post), I was monitoring the cocoon of another Monarch.  Eagerly, each morning, I would dash to see if he had begun his transformation, spawned his wings and had set flight.  I missed it!


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I’m an alien tracking my best buds. Get on the bus! Prepare yourselves for the ride of your life. Seriously.

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… What have Buffalo Tom and Gunther got up their sleeves?

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The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody & Gunther Tootie

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Someone Please Date Me (Please)

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Let’s revisit this bit of genius. It’s a tad bit colorful in parts, but if you can put your adult britches on you may just humor yourself into a laughter spasm. Enjoy:

Someone Please Date Me (Please).


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