“All Lives Matter!”

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Safety, Service and Security





Middle East Lifestyles – Those from the Subcontinent

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Thanks to MB for giving insight into the lives and living conditions in areas of the Middle East. I greatly appreciate his insights and hope that many of you will forward this post to others.

It takes each one of us doing our part to build peace and trust and it is never too late to begin. We start where we are and give hope that our genuine best interests and intent is understood to be true and steadfast.

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MB received a response to his last post that made him stop and think………….


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Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday!!




Grandpa and his youngest granddaughter horsing around, as usual, only this time it’s more than special.  Gramps turns 87 on the 30th and Mallory, 25 a little past midnight, tonight. They have celebrated their birthdays together for as long as I can remember.  Even when we were living in Oklahoma we carved out time and space.  One particular party took place in McAlister, Oklahoma at a Holiday Inn .

We are gifted beyond measure.  Indulge us.  Grab a fork and have a slice of a bakery cake known as, Chocolate Therapy.  (I’d serve ice cream, but it might melt before it hits your monitor ;)


Hopefully next week I’ll create a handmade treat especially for Dad’s actual birthday.  All depends on my new bundle of baby joy over there in Fort Worth.  Think positive with us. Let’s make it happen!



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Get ready…


Yes, Fort Worth, TX., has increased it’s population again. Miss Camden held her baby sister, Capri, for the first time this afternoon.  Brother Caylix was busy pushing buttons, turning knobs and climbing the rafters in celebration.  As for Auntie M?  She’s still glued to the ceiling.  The woman is beyond control!


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I am right to remind you that EVERY life has a purpose…Reach out. We are here to listen and to remind you of the splendor you hold within, but that the darkness has hidden. Let us be your light until the clouds and vacuum disappear. Our greatest joy, today, is helping you find hope.

Tangle me within your mystery…

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The majestic Orbs are back…webbing themselves against the very exterior that was challenged by suds, jet-sprays of water and the swipe of a mop end just yesterday.

Determined.  Undefeated.  Casting their net against the hottest heat of the mid-day sun. Today I captured their tummy sides.  Beautiful.  Spellbinding.  These frantic little engineers are on a mission and will not allow the minor inconvenience of a woman’s mop, the suds and flush of a jet sprayer to deter them.  They will create their splendor before our eyes for one more day.

Meet the Orb.  Hopefully, soon I will be able to correctly and fully identify which Orb family he is relative to, until then, check their beauty from the safety of your monitor.


image image image

image image image



Their eyes were upon me

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as I flipped the ‘On’ switch of the mechanical sprayer, dousing them with sudsy spray and a clearing rinse.  They did little to retreat.  The tensile strength of their web proved mighty against the jet spray.  In the end I would find myself dragging a sponge mop across the window to dislodge their beautiful, courageous handiwork.

I’d noticed them from the interior, one day before, and had secretly hoped they would caravan their way off of the window and forward to another more promising arena.

‘Twas not to be.  But murder was never my intention, just displacement.  These spiders have a mightier chore to perform than that of the wicked woman who is busy trying to destroy their handiwork.  I’m in the business of building a comfort zone for a new buyer. These crawling, rural dwellers are busy prepping a birthing pad for their unborn, a safe harbor, and a snare for feeding.

I’m hoping that shiny clean windows are appreciated by the new ‘interior’ family. Unsuspecting are they, that this wicked old woman has a soft spot for spiders, snakes, bees, and songs of the coyote.

There is majesty written within this countryside.  It takes a wild creature to understand the safe harbor that is necessary to support a balance to nature.  Concrete, steel and briefcases are out-of-place in this sanctuary.  Rural life breeds the sturdy, the prepared, the undaunted.

Their eyes were upon me, mine upon them.  My window soap is environmentally safe.  Set charge and build harmoniously against that north wall.  No windows, no prying eyes, and temps will be cooler.  Safety, my Arachnids, safety and peace.  Live long and keep your eyes, open.  All eight of them.






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