My Dogs in this Fight…

•July 23, 2015 • 11 Comments

I’m not here to incite a riot, nor to inflame my readers. Think of this post as a note, a personal one, that I have chosen to write in hopes of retrieving data from my subconscious. I’m trying to understand that slap I incurred earlier this week. It came out of nowhere. My face recovered, my soul? No. I’m digging deep within me to find forgiveness. Actually, if I consider the faux pas, I remember its source, therefore I do not own this. Empathy and sadness generate my wish to type. I am thankful I can feel this pain. I understand true bravery is found upon a battlefield and not by a microphone, audience and multiple, hefty bank accounts.

Donald Trump. John McCain.  Stars and Stripes. American Veterans. Prisoners of War. Casualties of War. Taxpayer dollars. The cost of Freedom. A bone spur. Numerous draft deferments. The safety of ‘privilege.’ Moral bankruptcy. Financial bankruptcy. Reorganization of debts. Educated. Ignorant. Inept. Clueless. Careless. Egotistical. Arrogant. Vietnam. All wars. Diplomacy. Brotherhood. Navy. Marine Corps. Army. Air Force. Airmen. U.S.S. Forrestal, Aircraft Carrier. Troops on the ground. A knock on the door. Phone calls. Twenty-one Gun Salutes. Folded United States flags. Recipients. Caskets draped with our Stars and Stripes. Napalm. Screaming. Burnt flesh. Agent Orange. My father. Brother. Uncle. Friends. Classmates. Boyfriend. Torture. Sacrifice.

I’m headed to rest my noggin. The neurons are screaming, raging war within me in hopes that I might find justice and peace within my racing thoughts. Tonight I sleep in peace, inspired by the thousands who bravely fought to keep our flag flying.  Yet, I also will slumber knowing Donald Trump dismisses John McCain’s P.O.W. experience.  Does he know that Senator McCain refused to leave until another P.O.W. was allowed his freedom?  Does he even care?


Radish, Cucumber & Apple Salad

•July 17, 2015 • 4 Comments


Throwback Thursday…get it on with good, lite and fresh …

Originally posted on Blazing Burners:

What better way to stay refreshed than with a crunchy bit of cool.  And that’s exactly what this salad was.  I’d hoped for a bit of leftovers, but those two hungry bears arriving for dinner had feasted most feverishly, and all that I have to remember this bit of history is the veggie & fruit photo-op’s.

Wait here, while I stir things up…

(Stone ground mustard, olive oil, rice vinegar, a bit of lemon with a bit of salt and pepper.)


Crunch, crunch, crunch…crunch…I lost the photo of the apples, or more precisely, I ditched it. Twas not a pretty post-op.  Mixed up, it wins, but naked, well, it was just ugly.  ;)

(The original recipe didn’t call for any jalapeno’s, but I’m a rebel, living for a thrill ride down the back alley of veggie-ness, messing things up with a bit-o-smoke.)  ;)

Some folks just have big-time Mojo.  They…

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Point, ‘Homeward’…

•July 16, 2015 • 2 Comments


(Girl, I haven’t forgotten you.)

Three days from now and I will be heading homeward. I may someday write a short story about it that gives fuller meaning to this journey. Tonight my heart is simply set on getting back to family and friends. Almost three weeks ago, I traveled with my niece and her two little ones to North Eastern Arkansas.  My nephew is a former Arkansas State Women’s Assistant Basketball Coach.  Recently he was recruited by TCU, Fort Worth, to join the coaching staff for the Horned Frogs Women’s Basketball team.  He left to begin his assignments and I offered to return home with his wife to complete the sale of their home. Because there are two little “cookie monsters” sprouted, I thought a second set of hands might come in handy while he was away.

But the second day after arriving, we would learn of the hospitalization of my father-in-law.  He suffers stage IV lung cancer and had developed another case of pneumonia. AND, then there was news that he had suffered a mild heart attack! For days I struggled trying to decide should I go, or should I stay. Truthfully I was a mess! I agonized as his condition worsened,  “What should I do?  How can I leave a woman in her eighth month of pregnancy, with two small kids , to sell her home, manage the utility cancels, insurance quotes,  let alone the 7.5 hour card ride (one way)?  Well, I couldn’t and wouldn’t allow it.”

Anyway, this transition may not sound encouraging, but I can guarantee I will walk from it a better person due to all that it has taught me.  I love these kids, even these two grown ups; they are my family.  And we are a family that cares dearly for each other. My niece and I were open and honest with our struggles. We walked a heavy road knowing that we were doing our very best. I have grown to love and APPRECIATE this beautiful, vibrant young lady all the more.

I left home in the trusting hands of my spouse and our twenty-four year old daughter.  They have taken up gourmet-style cooking.  I’m in for a superb treat if I discover they want to take over the kitchen.  With the yard, garden, laundry, shopping and bill-paying, it would be lovely to drop one chore from my list.

Besides, these two are best buds!  Why should I wrangle into their business? Each time I do, there is an uneven battle line drawn.  Best for me to just putz around with bricks and sand and appreciate that they do well without my best laid intentions. I need to apply myself to a few other neglected items.  I still have that brick walk area that I want to install, the redesign up front on the exterior landscaping.  It’s too hot to jump into the midst of the planting, but I’ve got a guy lined up from the organic nursery that offers his services reasonably.  Come early Fall and I could execute the newly planned program.

And then there’s my best friend, Hannah.  Usually this time of year finds us floating with our safety vests on, jumping and diving into the lake.  It’s a joy to watch her jump and play as a way to exercise her rheumatoid arthritis and hip problems.  I look forward to our playtime. Rains have flooded Lake Grapevine, chances are we won’t be vacationing on those beaches. But a sprinkler and a children’s pool is an option.

Thanks for lending an ear.  Come chew on mine if you need to.  That’s what friends are for, family too.

‘Space, the Final Frontier…’

•July 11, 2015 • 4 Comments


“Prepare for landing…”


Real Men Wear Pink

•July 7, 2015 • 11 Comments

(Click the photos to enlarge them.)

All I want for my birthday is a horse, Auntie M.

image image image

Yes, Little Man, has chosen his future.  Bronco Buster it is!

Those Cookie Monster socks need Spurs, and that pair of, Thomas the Tank Engine P.J.’s will have to be traded in for leather chaps, some silver spurs and leather boots.  Maybe, the Stetson will be upgraded too?

Sorry about the poor quality of the photos.  I was working as fast as I could to capture, “The Moments.”

Stars and Stripes, FOREVER!

•July 4, 2015 • 6 Comments


  Happy Fourth of July, Everyone!

(Click the pic to enlarge.)

Camden is ready to roll!

Camden is ready to roll!


(My niece is cruising her pumped-up bike in the neighborhood parade this morning.).

Thank you to all who have served with the United States military services.  You make us proud!  Our reverence to all who served and lost their lives.  My special appreciation to all who came back home maimed, injured, and all who suffer from Post Traumatic Syndrome.  Trust and believe that  you  will NOT be forgotten. ❤️  It is time for all of America to stand and be counted in the commitment to aid and assist all who made the “Call to Duty!”


Send bug spray!

•July 2, 2015 • 8 Comments


(Click photos to enlarge them.)



I need a can, heck, I need a caseload!  Send the good stuff, you know the kind:  green can, found in the hunting aisle over at Wally’s World?

I’m vacationing in Northern Arkansas, land of the rice fields.  Boggy, humid, and a smorgasbord haven for the buzz and hum of that vile little creature that loves my O-Positive blood type!

Once I read a sure-fire remedy to ward these bloodsuckers off just by eating tons of garlic and onions.  I tried it.  The only thing it did was scare my family away.  Oh, and then there’s that other homeopathic remedy,  Oregano or Rosemary oils.  Geez-Louise, I imparted a chemical burn to my flesh and smelled like a pizza for a week!image

Next came my experiment with shoving fresh herbs into the pockets of my shorts, and creating a masterpiece crown from fresh Rosemary from the garden.  Still.  Nada. Zip. Zilch.

I can be organic to a point, and then I simply have to throw my hands in the air!  The thought of catching West Nile virus hits smack dab into the brutal reality of this season.

My chosen perfume of Summer is a hefty dose of bug spray mixed in with my SPF’s.  Kind of a manly sent, I guess, but I’ll proudly  go where others only dare.

Like, right here…in Arkansas.




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