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I met Sally in the Blogshere several years ago. We were up to our elbows in bread flour, learning all we could about sourdough breadmaking. Today she isn’t blogging about bread, but comes front and center, discussing the need for child vaccines.
Sally is an expert in this field. (She encourages us to share her knowledge with others. I highly recommend that you do.)

Thank you.☕️

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Disclaimer #1:  This is not a food-related post

Disclaimer #2: I am taking my gloves off

Few things upset me more than the disturbing movement to stop vaccinating babies and kids. For a while now I’ve been debating whether I should write about it. Having watched an episode of Frontline the other day that dealt with the subject, and almost succumbing to cardiac arrest while screaming at the screen, I decided I cannot stay silent any longer. First of all, let me get this straight out up front: I have a doctoral degree in Biochemistry, three years post-doctoral experience in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Stanford, and I taught Microbiology to Medical students in Brazil at Universidade de Sao Paulo. I also worked for about 10 years on basic research into the biotechnology of vaccines.   I’m not bragging, but I am stating my experience, that hopefully will convince…

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The Day Before.

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The race girl spills the beans…M2, in all her glory. 😊

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Hello, and happy Monday! I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I am currently walking around like a newborn horse, because I completed the Rock N Roll Half Marathon in Dallas yesterday morning!! Jake is still editing some of the pictures he took on his fancy camera, but I have some (by some, I mean two) pictures I got from my mom. I’ll do an actual race day recap tomorrow, but I thought today’s post could cover the night BEFORE the race, because it was jam packed from start to finish!

My Saturday started at 9 am with a small four hour shift at work, and then Jake and I booked it to the DART train into Dallas. The race expo to pick up my packet closed at 5 and I didn’t get off work till 1, and I still had to eat and make it into Dallas! Shortly…

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Rockin’ and rollin’ the streets

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 Dallas, TX

March 22, 2015

She’s been putting in the hours at the gym, along the shoreline of Grapevine Lake (Saturday morning run club), and was ready to roll with the best of them yesterday.  This was her second time to both start and finish her goal.  By-the-way, if you are new to my blog, M2 is my beloved daughter, the youngest of two.  Both of them are runners, in more ways than one:  running shoes, and as in, “RUN!”


Setting up her tunes


“I can do this!”


 Out of the gates:


Her Grandma made signs!!!


She’s all but a blur…


Earth to man, “MOVE that suitcase!”




Kudos to you, M2!


Celebration time!


My Dear Mr. or Mrs. Coffeegrounded

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Hello Sid, it’s me, CoffeeGrounded (Mrs.). Thank you for your kind words, they flow from me out of appreciation. Your book plays itself out during the most spectacular and nostalgic years of life. While reading, I play out mental images of times and places, ‘filmed’ as if these moments unfolded themselves in black and white. As paragraphs flip along, the storyline turns to Kodachrome color, and the dance continues.

I wish you the very best! Each evening I sit and savor a chapter or two. It’s very easy to linger, in hopes that this world stays just for a wee bit longer. Great books have a way of ensnaring us and your’s is no exception.

Congratulations! Thank you for writing, too, (I must admit I did a double-take when I saw the title of your post). :)

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You sure know how to make this poor soul feel good or turn a phrase into a beautiful song. I was always a loner until I went on the web. Now I have friends from Constantinople to Kooga Manga. It’s really more than I ever hoped for without using Dewey buttons. Thanks for your kind words and encouragement. I don’t know how to recipricate other than writing.I’m going to sign off now because I’m getting gushy. Sid

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You’re in the wrong setting, forgive me Sid, but folks in a Barnes & Noble are deluged with volumes, tombs, and generally already have an idea of what they are looking for.

Set up shop on a street corner, do it at noon. Morning won’t work, they are hurriedly trying to beat the buzzer; Afterwork, and all they want to do is leave the day behind them.

You may need to register with the city, you don’t want a code violation. Park your card table in strategic places about your city.

I wish you the very best! Your book is a wonderful read. Nostalgia spills forth each time I open it. It’s good to be reminded of our days of yore. Who was it that said, ” You can never go back home?” They were wrong. Home resides within us and memories are the glue that binds ones soul to their heart.

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Ah! The infinite joy of a resounding success! Strictly for Seniors flew off my author’s table. I sold 4 books in two hours, a better result than bass fishing on Little Lake Kerr. Becky, the store manager, set up a table for Linda and me in front of the main door where anyone coming in could bask in the radiance of the four foot poster of my book. My wife’s sister’s girl friend and her husband paid us a visit, ate lunch with Linda, refused to do a soft shoe for me to attract customers and left without buying my book leaving me hopelessly forlorn and crestfallen. I wound up selling two books to guys from Philly, a woman from somewhere near Norristown and a pretty girl named Annette, probably forty-five years of age who needed help on self-publishing. Her enthusiasm on writing and all things philosophical literally blew us both…

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Frendship Trellis

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Trellis gifted by my wonderful neighbors:


They ventured off to meet their first-born Grandson and upon their return from Arkansas they brought me one very sweet item.  (No!  Not the baby, darn it!)  Their son-in law has crafted trellises to use in the garden to support pole climbers.  This gives me a great idea for pole beans and cucumbers in my limited growing area.


I love the rustic nature of Dave’s work.  He gathers wood from his land to use in the construction.I’m seriously considering hiring him to build my dream compost boxing unit.  Here’s what I use now, an old firewood stack unit.  Each Spring the chicken wire  has to be removed to dig out the compost.  As you can see, it is also difficult to turn the compost, thus slowing down the process.


Check out my bricks.  I was planning on building a small sidewalk into the walk-up to the compost this past year.  A nine-month bout with pneumonia sidelined that project, but now I’m thankful that work didn’t make it off paper to ground.  Those bricks will be used, hopefully, during construction of the new composting area.  I have twice as many bricks as you see here.  Brick work isn’t difficult if you have someone to carry the sand bags to the work area.  I actually enjoy setting brick.


Over in the N.E. corner of the backyard I noticed my clematis vine is setting out leaves.  This plant is stunning when it’s in bloom.  We’ll visit her again in early summer to cherish her beauty.


Gilbert Grape darted out the back doors and into the garden, determined not to miss a thing he went “incognito-mode,” slyly slinking about in hopes that no one would recognize he had escaped the confines of his indoor comfort zone.  We rarely let this little guy out.  I am just too afraid that he will be kidnapped.  Yes, I think he’s priceless and irreplaceable AND everyone would want him.  He’s a part of me that can’t get lost,  As he is as valuable as Princess Hannah,  and simply as entertaining.





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Sid, I haven’t a clue what city that B & N was located in, but if you get yourself near the DFW area, I promise to come and purchase an autographed copy. (I’d have you sign the electronic version, but your signature would clog up this iPad screen.)

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What can I tell you. All my expectations were dashed asunder and didn’t make a  ripple disappearing  down the toilet in my mind. Not to worry.  A hot cup of coffee and apple pan dowdy made me Skiptomylou and shout ,” Howdy!”, to anyone passing by still breathing. Jeff Crawford, the author sitting next to me with a North Carolina accent sold four books, one to a first cousin, two to his former basketball coach, and one to himself. I had a rootin-tootin hell of a good time learning lots of stuff from him about publishers to use and radio stations to listen to that promised nothing but good tidings as well as getting a few detailed tips from Jeff on tying dry flies Dont let me forget the  hug and a kiss I got when we said, “Goodbye!” My cup runith over with thoughts of the future and making scads…

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