Who left the door open?

Brr.  I’m wearing layers and listening to pennies fly out the window as the heater kicks in for yet another round of effort.    And to think, two days earlier I was in short sleeves and cursing the  lawnmower as I crunched up fallen leaves.

Winter.  It’s for sale.  Do I have any buyers?

I’ve been doing a lot of foot traffic in the kitchen lately, but working on a secret project.  Mums the word, unless of course you happen to see me, and then the words are,What the heck happened to her?”

Hush!  It’s not nice to talk about people, especially when they have put on a few pounds.  Besides, its all in fun.  I enjoy being plump.  Really.  I do! ……………… Until I happen by a mirror. 


Don’t close that door just yet; I still have to make my way through it.

~ by coffeegrounded on January 15, 2009.

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