Under the influence


Meet my newest addiction.  Sinful, and yet I boast!  I LOVE this item; she fancied herself pretty, day one, and has yet to disappoint me, always adding that little extra punch to the most ordinary.

I happened upon her years ago.  Advised by a friend that this girl made music as a tea, I set out to discover her notes. 

WOW!  And how she plays them.   Careful in the beginning, but most daring in her finale.    This girl is ALL business.

Perusing David Lebovitz’s lovely food blog during this past holiday season, I discovered he’d found her in all her glory.  She still sings, and this time, she dances. 

WARNING:  Careful.  She still navigates under her influence.

CG kitchen rendition, or better yet,

Ginger does Dallas! 

3/4 lb. fresh Ginger

Begin by peeling and slicing Ginger as thinly as possible.  Place in a small pot and cover with plain water.  Boil for ten minutes.  Drain.   Cover Ginger with fresh water.  Boil again for ten minutes.  Drain.   Return Ginger to the pot and add the following:

2 3/4 cups fresh cold water

2 3/4 cups granulated sugar

pinch of salt

Bring to boil until temp reaches 225 degrees.   Remove from heat and drain liquid into a sterilized jar.  (Save this lovely item for use as a pancake/waffle syrup, or other creative enterprise.)  Next, place your hot Ginger slices, individually, onto a wire cooling rack.  Sprinkle with sugar on both sides.  (I placed a piece of parchment under my wire rack to catch the excesses.  I’ll use this flavored item in an upcoming bake.)

Place cooling rack in cold oven, or other undisturbed area, and allow it to cool and dry, about two days.  Once dry, sprinkle lightly with sugar and shake off the excess.  Place Ginger in a tightly covered container. 

See if she stays put.  She’s notorious for disappearing. 


~ by coffeegrounded on January 17, 2009.

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