“Never say never!”


I attempted to do just that.   Rewind to November of 2007, and visit with me during an episode of, Temperamental Oven:

My sourdough starter was born one month earlier, and to this day, I nurture my baby.  Ask anyone that maintains a starter and they will tell you its not just flour and water.  IT’S A LIFE FORM!  We’ll do everything we can to insure its success, and this means we will respect it fully,  no matter what part or process of its existence we are experiencing at the moment.

But this particular day I was feeling especially frustrated and overwhelmed.  My dough had risen beautifully, and my makeshift panettone paper was prepping for her own day of glory.   

Discovering that the oven had not preheated, I made the decision to opt for something I hadn’t tried yet:  baking the bread on the gas grill.   I set about preheating the grill to 450 degrees and while I waited, I searched the Internet for resources to give me instructions and guidance:

Can this be done?  Is it possible?  Has anyone ever baked bread on a gas grill before?  Can I do this?  It was then that I discovered what that white noise was attempting to shout.  It was that ugly word, never!  p1010683-medium

~ by coffeegrounded on January 25, 2009.

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