‘Silla’, these are for you!


You know how forgetful I am.  Well now the whole world will know:

These are dedicated to my best friend, ‘Silla’.  They belong to her even though I baked them last year, consumed them, and never told her I’d baked them.  Best friends understand stuff like this.  A best friend also understands a whole lot of stuff that no one else seems to get.  (You know, those funny little idiosyncrasies, ‘widgets’ of your personality that make the ‘whole’ and not simply a ‘part’ of everything you are, hoped to be, or think you are.)  They take you for all you are, and they don’t make excuses for loving you.  They simply do.  Love you, and likewise you love them in return.  Unconditionally.  A best friend takes the lumps out of your oatmeal.  They cast stones at your enemies, silently, but none-the-less, deadly.   They go to bat for you and then they do the unexpected:  They forgive you when you can’t remember if their birthday comes in February or March?

My gift may be late, Silla, but my love won’t be.  It will last your lifetime. 

I promise.

~ by coffeegrounded on January 31, 2009.

3 Responses to “‘Silla’, these are for you!”

  1. This is so beautiful, I mean your words… Silla is a very luck person to have a friend like you. Of course these cupcakes seem soooo delicious too. Thank you, love, nia

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    • Silla lives in Chicago, Illinois, USA. We were neighbors once upon a time when we lived across from each other in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, USA. She saved my live, and my daughter’s life. I owe everything to her and will always thank God for putting her in my life.


  2. These are Whippie cupcakes!! Oh Whip, I wish I could see that little face right now.


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