Crack me, I’m yours!


And so it was. The crack in the oven glass and the journey defined by the lonely little toaster oven that always knew he could, if only he were given his chance.

The phone rang this afternoon. The new oven has arrived in town and all that stands in the way of it’s installation and initiation is a contractor and his schedule.

But why hurry? I mean really. What will this little toaster oven think when he is once again shoved against the back of the cabinet wall, sent into lonely exile, and deemed no longer necessary?

Yet something tells me that’s not likely to happen. You see, Mr. Little-Big Oven and I have had a good thing going on around here. He knows me; I know him. It’s gotten kind of personal. When he starts to heat up, I start to calm down, and likewise, when my thermostat rises, his adjusts.

I can’t give up on a good thing. The two of us have something very special. If you need evidence, just feast your eyes on these lovelies. Mr. Little-Big and I were in cahoots this very afternoon.


~ by coffeegrounded on February 4, 2009.

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