Sisterly love


I didn’t mean to hide beneath these sheet pans, but I simply couldn’t take the heat in the kitchen. I had so many plans this day. But I was frozen in my tracks by the delayed install of the new oven. Seems that by the time the big box store notified the contractor, the contractor had notified others that they were up first. And so, I frustratingly relented to wait, ‘just another six days’, but I did not go down easy. I went down raging. Not outwardly, but as I often do, swallowing inner turmoil and seeing red, none-the-less, I abandoned the kitchen and took the puppy for a walk.

Today I am sitting as patiently as I can, hoping that my stars align and that there are no hiccups. I am like a child waiting their birthday party. The suspense is making me bonkers and the possibilities of being able to take my kitchen back again, is almost too much to bear. I truly am forcing myself out of this chair, away from this computer and into some housework. I’ve got to putter these remaining hours into oblivion.  I’ve been most patient, but now I think my reserves are spent.  I’m bordering on crazy with a fuse that is so short I will have to find tweezers to find fiber. 

Have a good day.  I’ll be dusting, vacuuming and tossing excesses.  Look for me when I find myself.  Hopefully I’ll be stationed in front of my new oven, manual in one hand, whisk in the other. 

Sidenote:  I made more candied peel this past week.  I was also going for candied almonds, but after roasting them I decided their better days were behind them.  Back to those peels:  My sweet, sweet sister and her husband had a horrible scare last week.  BIL had emergency surgery.  We are so fortunate that he is with us.  I felt helpless and wanted to do something to keep my mind busy, but also to make them something to let them know how much they mean to me.  The tangelo peels out-performed the earlier orange ones.  Soon I hope to make some pommelo (sp).  I spied a couple of those in the market yesterday, hefty ‘little’ buggers!  If you haven’t tried making these lovelies yet, I urge you to ‘go for it’.  They are fantastic!  Both and give EXCELLENT advice on how to make them.  Jen does oranges, and David does ginger.  And after seeing Jen’s latest citrus salad I’m considering doing Jicama.  Oh yeah, you read that right!  ;)  (You can find links to their websites in my sidebar.)


~ by coffeegrounded on February 7, 2009.

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