Spring cleaning 101

  1. Get the heck out of bed.
  2. Write THE list.
  3. Gather the cleaning supplies.
  4. Go add a few more things to that list.
  5. Sidetrack yourself and pull eggs and butter from the fridge.
  6. Remind yourself that those pin-point cottons have your name on them and so does that danged ironing board.
  7. Think about all the things you could bake today.
  8. Hannah needs a visit with Mr. Sprinkles….no, not the cupcake, the bathroom shower.
  9. 71 degrees forecast for today.  Sunshine.  Little green babies arriving in the garden.  Blue skies.
  10. Back to THAT list.
  11. Why did I start a list?  Oh yeah, daughter and son arrive in a week.  I want things, fresh!
  12. I think there are emails to answer?   Yes!  I’m sure of it.
  13. This pot of coffee is stale.  I need to brew a new pot before I begin cleaning.
  14. Maybe I should iron first?
  15. Bake first?
  16. Check the garden first?
  17. Oh, not only are there emails, I have phone calls that need returning.
  18. Forget the list.
  19. Go to plan B.
  20. Enjoy this day.  After all, there is no other like it.   Once it’s gone, it’s really, really gone.

~ by coffeegrounded on February 20, 2009.

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