Going the distance

….and then some. 


Congratulations to our daughter, her first marathon, and its successful completion.

Just the thought of attempting to walk 26.2 miles exhausts me, and imagining that someone could possibly endure the stress of running such an item: bewilders, amazes and intimidates me.   Yet our oldest daughter did just that this past Saturday morning. 

Kudos to you, M.,  Kudos and Congratulations!

M1 & M2, rock our world.   We are blessed with two very wonderful and unique daughters.  They chart their own courses and set their sights high, sometimes making the choice to follow the pack, and at others, carving a path uniquely defined.   I sometimes question why I am so blessed, and in the quiet of the moment I am reminded that certain questions are not ours to answer.  

Grace; sweet and pure, reveals itself in the beauty of these moments.  Each of us must stop to smell the flowers, caress the puppy dog, or kittens coat, and sing, as R. Tagore would say, “When the dawn is still dark.” 



~ by coffeegrounded on March 3, 2009.

5 Responses to “Going the distance”

  1. A beautiful story with a wonderful ending, yet as I said earlier, personally I can’t even fathom how anyone runs a 26.2 mile race. It is said that we can understand fatigue from physical exertion, but you are so right, how many of us can begin to know the mental feat?

    I am so proud of you, the dedication and the person that you have become. Standing on the sideline, and photographing the many hugs from family and friends, simply reminded me of what a gift this world has in you.

    You are an inspiration!



  2. Thank you for the special post! I will call you soon. Jake still hasn’t been able to figure out my ear piece yet so I will have to call you from the regular phone.


    • You’re so welcome! And…you are so worthy :)

      Fret not over the bt…just go to the bb and ask them to assist you…or better yet, simply call them when you have a free moment.

      Bread in the fridge…tomorrows bake. Yum! I LOVE the item I’m about to fold together. :)



  3. that is a fantastic achievement. congratulations to her.

    chickpea flour (called ‘besan’) is available at any indian grocer. else try rice flour.


    • Thanks for reading; I will forward your comment to our daughter.
      Also, thanks for the ‘heads-up’ on the chickpea flour. I did Google for local vendors. I’ll get me some this week. That snack is to die-for!!! My next question will be, “How can I walk away from the bowl?” lol. ;)


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