Yep, it’s that time of year

The yard needs tending.   And this house?   Well, heck, it’s just falling apart all around me. 


Even the driveway needs fixing. 



I’ll bet I had you there for a moment, didn’t I?  You thought I had veered off of the road, away from food and into the drudges of yard-work and cracked pavement.  But I gotcha! with a Kodak moment, or in my case, a Panasonic. 

Enjoy the view.  It was, and still is, quite beautiful!  I remind myself often.  I have a bevy of wonderful accounts of this day, December 27, 2007.  Our family was returning home from a visit to Las Vegas, while heading south into the reaches of Arizona, we made a wrong turn, or as it would soon be decided, a very right one, discovering a portion of the old Route 66, and an oasis in the desert known as, Oatman, Arizona. 

I was born in Colorado, and spent the first seven years of my life in the Hawaiian Islands.    I grew ignorant by this dizzying array of mass beautification.  I simply knew that no other paradise(s) existed.    (Hmmmmm….can I beg for forgiveness now, or do I have to take those fifty lashes first?  Please go easy on me.  I beg of you.  Can I bribe you with cookies or bread, maybe a cupcake?  … Seriously, think about it and get back to me.)

This just goes to show you that an old dog can learn a new trick.  Namely:


I can’t wait to take more wrong (right) turns in my












It seems that these little donkeys have a place in the history of this precious gem of a town.  Historically, they roamed these parts and were used in many of the now-abandoned gold mines.  The town loves to flaunt their notoriety.  All over these parts you’ll find things fancied, as_….okay, this is where I have to exit. 

Yes.  It’s true.  I can’t bring myself to say it.  But I’ll leave you with this:

I’m taking another turn, it ain’t wrong…it’s right.

Tomorrow, if the sun rises and the stars align, there will be food.


~ by coffeegrounded on March 8, 2009.

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