Don’t adjust your monitor


That egg-yolk yellow, lackluster aqua, and those funky, sea-foam and lime green items tell the real tale.   I’m pretty sure they are shouting it quite loudly.  It wasn’t easy, but I pulled my trusty camera out to document my less than stellar attempt at, Thank you!  It will stand as a lovely reminder that my stars don’t always align and when they go astray they are swallowed by the black holes in the recesses of my kitchen and compost pile.

Today was one of those days we bakers like to think just never happened.  I had the loveliest of recipes and the best of intentions.  I wanted so much for this to work, and the baking part of it actually did, but it was in the details that I found myself consumed.  Why am I telling you this?  Simple:  I believe you should know a few things about me, you know, just so I can keep you interested in reading, getting to know me, and last, but not least, because I am an open book.  Here are a few chapters we’ll be reviewing:


 1.  I’m not the brightest bulb in the pack 


2.  My elevator does not travel all floors


3.  The train I was riding left the station before I arrived


In other words, I thought it best that we laughed at my failure in hopes that we don’t roar over my inadequacies.

Let’s decide to be friends.  I need all the help I can get when it comes to lamenting, and whom better to lament with than a bunch of, has-beens.  You know what I mean, and if you’ve forgotten, glance over these chapters:


4.  I has been there before


5.  I has an idea I’ll be back


6.  I has great faith we can all overcome being a has-been, will-be and therefore, could-have-been


It was important to me that this bake be especially nice.  I was going to honor someone that I greatly admire .  She has been inspiring me from the very first time I visited her blog.  But I cannot, and will not, offer these as, My thanks!  This lovely lady deserves something better.  I simply hope to wake up tomorrow alive, coherent, and able.   The destination for my journey deserves perfection, or at least a compass pointing towards it.

P.S.  Don’t expect miracles on Day 2.  I now feel pressure to perform.  I’m sweating bullets. 


~ by coffeegrounded on March 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “Don’t adjust your monitor”

  1. I think the cookies are adorable and they look very yummy! They better not be going to the office with “T” b/c he doesn’t deserve them!!


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