No sweeter offer


None.  Absolutely, positively, none. 

My daughter and future son-in-law announced their engagement this week. 

Someone pinch me, wake me up, I think I’m stuck on ‘FOG’ mode.  I am so happy and for so many reasons:

I’ve always wanted a son.

I found myself at the kitchen sink this afternoon with tears running down my face, asking myself,  “How did I get so lucky?” 

I really love this young man.  He has the qualities I would have chosen if God had handed me a clipboard and asked me for an outline, a sketch, an idea.

My requirements would have echoed the triumphs and the challenges of this young man. 

They really would have.  

I know you may not understand what it is that I’m trying to express, but that’s okay.  All that matters is that I get the opportunity to say these words.

This takes me back to earlier times, a rocking chair, a Cinderella VHS tape, apple juice and sippy cups.  I fast forward to the classroom parties, those angst filled years of junior high and,  “Mom, let’s go get my dress for prom.”  

I get to run through my personal inventory and ask if I did things right and what it is that I would have done differently, and then there comes the pause, the reflection and the acknowledgement:

I wouldn’t change a thing.  Yes, there were tears, pain, sadness, the sorrow of missed opportunities, but there were abundances of joy, laughter, celebration, and today, and the realization that if just one item were changed, nothing would be the same.  I wouldn’t have today.  This young man would not have come into my daughters life. 

And perhaps the following question would not have been asked of me today:

Will you make cupcakes for my wedding?

There is nothing sweeter in my world than two daughters and my first son.  Nothing.  Absolutely, nothing.

I’m positive.

~ by coffeegrounded on March 23, 2009.

9 Responses to “No sweeter offer”

  1. So happy for you! You are so right to be joyful and proud! Good people/mates are not that easy to come by these days..Im so glad your daughter found her lovely they both so pure at heart! Congrats! :)


  2. Katie, thanks for visiting and sharing in our joy. I’m already gearing up for my marathon bake. It’s fun mulling through recipes and decorating ideas.


  3. Congratulations! I felt touched while reading this. I wish my mom could’ve been around to meet my husband. Make some champion wedding cupcakes!


  4. Thanks you, Deeba. :)


  5. Aw that’s so beautifully written. You have a great family. Congratulations!!


  6. Congratulations! That’s so great!

    thanks for passing on my blog!




  7. M1, I envision the day where I will visit and you will offer me some in a wine flute. lol.

    aztextpress, it is a wonderful joy, first to have daughters and then to see their lives unfold with great reward. I wish you and your family the very best that life has to offer. Thanks for your visit to my blog. Come again, no telling what tales I will tell or what items I might bake. ;)


  8. Ah…. I know just how you feel! I have two daughters too, aged 20 and 22. The younger one and her boyfriend are quite serious…. and like you I am overjoyed that she managed to find such a wonderful young man! I look forward to the day I welcome him into our family as MY son!


  9. oh mom, you just made me cry a little bit! I did laugh at the Cinderella and apple juice though because not much has changed it that department. I just use a regular cup now.


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