A day for play



I felt as if I had a brand-new box of crayons in my hands.  I’d spied these little cups being utilized as cupcake liners, but failed to recognize them for what they were.  In abundance, and dancing at every birthday party or social event of my childhood, they held  the peanuts and party mints moms felt required to dole upon us.  But, as such is with life, they were lost amongst the shuffle and the strut of a life moving forward.

And yet it wasn’t all that long ago I sat dazed, in a stupor, trying to figure out just where on earth bakers were locating those cute little baking papers?  Seriously, I had not put 2 + 2 together until just yesterday.  When, Voila! at the local craft store, and standing in the party aisle, this little item would awaken me from my denseness.

These papers were not new, but simply being redefined and utilized as baking papers for cupcakes.

This clarity almost bowled me over, but my fall was thwarted by that stack of unwrapped inventory sitting at the base of my feet awaiting the afternoon stock person.

Will I use these again? 

You bet I will!  They provide a great baking environment for mini-cupcakes and are a pretty bonus to boot!  Just steer clear of the plastic coated ones though; I’d like to see you back around these parts in the future.  We need to share our priceless moments together, because I am almost positive this forest echoes when the tree falls.






~ by coffeegrounded on March 28, 2009.

9 Responses to “A day for play”

  1. Mia, yep they win over the aluminium ones for sure! I appreciate your ‘kudos’ on my cupcakes. (Is there life beyond a sweet little cupcake? I think not.)

    Bee, what a joy to have you visit. I drool over everything you write and photograph. You and Jai are such inspirations!


  2. these look delicious and the liners are definitely cute!!


  3. What a beautiful idea!So much better than the aluminium ones..and a great fit to your Amazing cupcakes! Thanx for stopping by my blog,I am now thrilled to continue to exchange ideas! See ya! :)


  4. Margie, thanks so much for your encouraging words about some posts in my blog. That means a lot to me…

    And these cupcakes are so scrumptious and well decorated. Those white little pearls are stunning!



  5. Sebastian, I hope you had a nice dinner; thanks for your visit to my blog.

    Angela, I have to admit that after discovering these items would work for baking, I am now on the look-out for other unique or ‘undiscovered’ baking containers. Years ago I had a friend that taught me to bake bread in an old tin coffee can! Oh the joy we can have when we think ‘outside of the box’! ….lol. :)


  6. Oh, what scrumptious cupcakes! I’ve been looking for these liners (or party nut cups) for ages, but they are nowhere to be found in the UK.


  7. Well dinner is ready and we still have to eat it but unfortunately we did not get or make any dessert. This sounds so yummy and I love cupcakes so maybe I can talk my guests to make this with me!




  8. Hi Deeba! If you would like to have some of these, I would LOVE to send you some as a gift. You’ll find my email address via your blog.


  9. Thank you for sharing that idea. I’m going to keep my eyes open ‘more’. We don’t have craft stores of your sort in India, but innovation is the name of the game !


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