an immeasurable gift

His love will last your lifetime

As the smiles radiate your face

Reminiscent of his manner

Pure, God’s glorious, sweet embrace


He was your first true love

Beyond those of me and dad

He wrapped you in his snuggles

And loved you with everything he had


He fell from the gates of Heaven

As Gabriel turned his head

And off alone he tumbled

Caught within your hand, instead


We joked, “He really isn’t clever”

But little did we know

That in the joy of life’s reflection

God would grant us such a loan


He gave you what you needed

Knowing what a gift you’d be

You’d love each other dearly

And set each other free


Did you realize that gift?

As those tears began to fall

That something worth loving

Is the greatest gift of all?







 April 06, 1999 – October 01, 2007


Thank you for the joy


the beauty and the grace


 Happy Birthday, Angel






~ by coffeegrounded on April 1, 2009.

4 Responses to “Remembering”

  1. You almost made me cry..and I didnt even get to know him..! How adorable and thoughtful to devote full appreciation to ALL who participated in our lives..! Very inspiring!


  2. Rosa, thank you; he was a cute little kitty. Made us smile just by looking at him, I still get a tickle when I think about his ways.
    I found those precious kitty pics on your site. You made my day! I now have kinship through food and kitties. Where would our lives be without the two? Oh, lets not even go there. We are blessed.

    Megan, thanks! He is deserving of only the best. We would know, wouldn’t we? lol. Love you, Mum


  3. It looks like a cake meant for an angel!!


  4. What a nice way to remember your pet! What a cute kitty it was…

    Your cake looks so pretty and perfect!




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