Garden party

p1100249I invited all of Frosty’s friends.  I didn’t have the heart to warn them about the forecast.  When I greeted them at the door, I had one hand tied behind my back, and the other one out for the brittle hand shake. 

I hung their scarves and earmuffs, gathered their mittens, and invited them in for a quick round of snipping.  Looking back, they must have thought I said, “Sipping.”


When I shouted, “Heads-up!”  Their charcoal eyes dropped and fell about the floor. 

This space still stands evident of their capture and demise, but what the heck, the dog and I are off to enjoy a walk.

Pray tell, who in their rightful, frozen mind, would show up at a Spring garden party dressed like that, anyway?

~ by coffeegrounded on April 30, 2009.

2 Responses to “Garden party”

  1. Bee, those were made with small-sized cupcake wrappers. Super easy to do: gather about five, punch a hole in the center and insert a notebook, paper-style, brad. Then, punch a hole into the cupcake wrapper, insert the brad, then open as if you were gathering note paper. Truly, so easy, so fun, and so much cheaper than buying paper flowers. (You can experiment with cutting and shaping, too.)


  2. are those made of paper? real pretty.


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