Spilling my guts

I guess I have to admit to something:

I really don’t like vacuuming. I enjoy the result, but the tedium and redundant nature of this non-sporting event always leaves me wanting. A few months back I was surprised by a package in the mail. Upon opening it I found the loveliest of characters. Well, maybe ‘lovely’ is a stretch, but lets suffice it to say that my interest was piqued and my joy abounded as I pondered the contents and possibilities of this package.

Before me sat one of those automatic, let-me-do-it-for-you, saves-you-time, gives-you-a-break, new age toys. The package contained a little robot whose sole purpose in life was to take the drudgery of the upright, heavy-duty, last-a-lifetime (if you take care of me), overpriced, Miss S., whose weight alone could cause back strain and bulging manly-type biceps.

I think you are on to me by now. After all, why would I be writing about dust-free floors and spiffy carpeting if things had continued to go well?

Yep. My little bit of magic, the new toy on the block, has suffered a major coronary. His main drive has gotten up and gone, his new brushes and bushings were all for naught. He simply needs a heavy-duty makeover, or file #13. The Last Chance Champ, gets a box and a boot this morning. And me? Oh, I get to throw the upright around until gosh only knows when!

Pray for the robot. he makes my life so sweet. 



~ by coffeegrounded on May 5, 2009.

2 Responses to “Spilling my guts”

  1. Well, I wouldn’t be fine though, if he didn’t. ;)

    Really, you should see me M1, I’m a basket case without my helper. sniff, sniff, sniff.


  2. i bet he’d be fine if he didn’t have to pick up all that baby fur!


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