Do it

 for your sanity.

Take a few minutes and claim them as your own.  Step away from the chores, the rattle of demands and the chains that bind.

Take a breather.  Lock yourself in the bathroom if you have to, or step outside and allow the family that unannounced game of,  Hide-and-Seek. 

You’ll be better for it, and they will still be clueless.

Either way, YOU WIN!

Before you go, grab a few of these.  I made them just for you. 


Oh, did you notice that little baby up front and to the right?  Yep.  I left and hid myself in the bathroom.  (My alter ego lined these suckers up for the photo-shoot before I could finish my business.)  And then I stepped outside for some fresh air.  

This is what I get for breathing:


Olly      Olly      Oxen      Free!

~ by coffeegrounded on May 9, 2009.

3 Responses to “Do it”

  1. Oh yes, I do.


  2. Remind me, do you like cream cheese icing? I found this recipe and it’s a KEEPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  3. oh me oh my, these look lovely!!


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