The Bread Baker’s Apprentice, Greek Celebration Bread


Nicole, of  fame, has us baking our second challenge.  This week we follow along (vicariously), with Peter Reinhart on our mission to make and bake, Greek Celebration Bread.  He gives us three options for our effort: Greek Celebration, Christopsomos and Lambropsomo variations,  each holding their own for beauty.  My choice came easy, or rather I should admit, I chose what I felt would be the easiest of the three options.  My house has been buzzing and swarming with the happy campers of all things, “Schools Out!;  The College Crowd”.  I almost missed a step on the road to Nirvana.  The Celebration Bread has a precursor to it, a sweet, tangy barm that is compiled at least one day before the actual bread bake, but P.R. tells us that this little item holds her own for up to three days.  Well, in all the frivolity and joy of the weekend I had almost forgotten  (UGH!), that a bit of Alpha & Omega had sprung into action on my pre-base, a.k.a., barm.  Late Saturday evening, while settling grocery remains back into the recesses of Miss GE, I noted that little sweetheart patiently tapping her toes to the tune of, “It ain’t me babe, It ain’t me you’re looking for….”  My heart sunk.  She was spot on…I wasn’t looking for her.  I was looking for the bed across the house, the one that I feverishly wanted to climb into and take a breather from all things, PARTY.  I glanced over at her, patted her glass jar and made this promise, “Come tomorrow, you and I will forget this mayhem.  We’ll dance to our own music.”  I silently kissed her and closed the fridge door knowing full well that I would NOT break her heart.  I cannot lie to a loved one.


And this is our take on all things heady and flavorful.  This glorious loaf uses freshly grated nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice, clove and hints of orange.  Although my dough was a bit wet, I held my arms at length from the flour canister this week.  I reminded myself that a few tucks and folds never hurt anyone, if anything, they can make you stronger.  My precious girl is proof one!  The newly revamped Hubble telescope captured this shot as the Space Station orbitted past the kitchen window.  (I tossed bread to the  astronauts on their fly-over.  It was my way of saying,  “Kudos!  and, “Thanks-a-million for installing those parts.”  Initially, I thought they had spoofed me.  I could have sworn this was one of the rings of Saturn, or perhaps, Jupiter?)


On closer inspection I discovered they’d aimed that telescope directly toward the dining plate.  If I didn’t know any better I’d swear they were scoring my knife skills.  Oops.  Dang.  Friends, give me a break!  It ain’t easy being easy for a bunch of teenagers.  The following is proof ONE.  I can’t even serve bread right-side up. 


Enjoy the feast, and please come again.  Next week I’ll showcase another round of wonderful.  This sweet, sweet journey continues, and with it, a bountiful bread basket of pure joy.  Baking soothes the soul and unravels the kinks of more than just the take-over by the school-yard gang, or should I say, dorm-busters?   Don’t you fret that Nicole’s sign-up date is behind you,  we are all in this together and no one is keeping a score card.  I’ll happily answer what questions I can, and if you stump me, I’ll help you Google a most reliable network of smarty-pants.  I promise

Peter Reinhart’s book is available anywhere cook and baking books can be found.  I located mine at the brick-and-mortar of B & N.  Here is a link if you are so inclined. *

*(Disclaimer, I am not advertising, but providing this as reference.)

~ by coffeegrounded on May 18, 2009.

13 Responses to “The Bread Baker’s Apprentice, Greek Celebration Bread”

  1. Sweetcharity, thanks for your visit; have you had the chance to bake this bread? I cannot fathom another holiday season without it…or any special occasion. The way those spices mingle together is pure symphony. :)


  2. Beautiful bread- I especially like how the glaze is shining in that first photo!


  3. Susan, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, let me think, who was it that inspired me to put this little gem together in the first place? hmmmm..Oh, now I remember. It was that chick over at:
    Oh my goodness, her NAME just happens to be SUSAN too! Imagine that, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ;)


  4. Margie, have I told you I love your writing? And your bread, of course.


  5. Kris, if you have trouble locating or getting it to your destination, let me know. I can’t make magic, but I’ll do what I can to get you a copy.

    Thanks for your sweet comments. This is such a tasty bread. :)


  6. Margie, love the bread! Great job!

    BBA bread making is not the only thing that is challenging, even commencing with the BBA challenge is challenging. Happened to find out that I need to get the BBA book before I could actually join the BBA challenge. This is challenging for someone who is not in US…



  7. Julie, thanks for visiting…and blush, blush..thanks for the compliments. I am absolutely LOVING this challenge. Bagels next? OH MY GOSH! gotta run, keyboard needs a paper-towel.


  8. Imaginative, quirky, entertaining and clearly skilled at wrangling yeast and wheat. Nice product, prose and upside-down bread. Looking forward to doing my own Christopsomos and lookingforward to what you produce next.


  9. Jenn, your second batch! I’m so impressed. I’ll be right over with a pot of coffee. ;) We’ll sit and shoot the breeze while we hunker down for the afternoon, munching and chomping to our hearts content.


  10. Susie, this is a wonderful and very SWEET item, isn’t it? I’ve got to learn though, next bake I’m hiding my proceeds in the dark recesses of my closet, behind my expand-o-matic britches and the moo-moo tent covers. ;)


  11. making my second batch today! Then on to bagels!! Love your post and pics! Happy baking!


  12. What a wonderful story. :) Loved reading this. You did a wonderful job. SO YUMMY LOOKING. Great baking with you,


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