Bread Baker’s Apprentice, Brioche

P1100703Week #4, and again, I’m running a bit off schedule.  Its my ‘norm’ setting of late; why change now,  I say.  All is well.  Nichole allows us the freedom to work at our own pace, and Peter Reinhart?  Oh, he would simply say, “Enjoy your journey!”  I did.  This was my first attempt EVER at a brioche.    I opted for the Middle-Class Brioche.  Secretly I wanted to bake the Rich Man’s Brioche, but the 16 ounces of butter scared me into believing the spandex wouldn’t allow any more excuses for the week.  This recipe requires only one cup of butter and those 5 eggs.   I did have to nix the thought of the Poor Man’s Brioche.   That poor item  has only a half cup of butter.  If I’m really dieting, should I be eating bread in the first place? 

I rest my case.

The shaping process needs improvement, or better yet, it simply needs the baker to follow the well-written, photographed, and outlined directions in Peter’s beautiful baking book. 


I threw caution to the wind and simply gave myself one guideline for shaping:  Work quickly, the butter demands it!

I tried rolling these into a ball and twisting a small round cap for them.  My short-cut method doesn’t allow for fancy, but the taste of these more than makes up for their unique shape.


They sat there, real nice and pretty, while I coated them with their egg wash.  Right as the timer rang, and the check for final proof came, I noticed there had been a bit of a landslide.  I knew better than to try to re-center those little babies.  I popped these buggers into the oven and let them bake away, only to be heaven-sent by the precious aroma of butter and yeast.  Is there anything more delicious than the wafting of warm bread and a rich bake?  NOPE!  I can only imagine what that whole pound of butter version would have created in my senses….I think it best that I don’t think about that version until I secure, wear, and am photographed at M. & J.’s wedding.  



~ by coffeegrounded on June 9, 2009.

11 Responses to “Bread Baker’s Apprentice, Brioche”

  1. Susan, I’m so glad you came to visit my herd. ;) Thanks!


  2. saltandserenity, you are much too kind…I’m pink with blushing, but not that fake kind out of the box. ;) Thank you for your generous praise. :)

    Seriously, the photos of this weeks Casatiello bake will have you wondering what happened. I blame everything on the ‘Panic-Mode’ setting of my stellar camera box, and the ‘Push-to-Rush’ mode of this baker.


  3. I love your herd of brioches a tete, each with its own personality!


  4. Your brioche look seriously delicious. They look like they were made with love. Your photography is beautiful. Loved reading your blog. You are very funny.


  5. Awww…I think they’re adorable! So cute and nicely brown. Good job.


  6. You’re welcome. You are too funny.
    What is going on when you try to post a comment on my blog? What happens? Thanks for the compliments. :)


  7. Susie, I still can’t post a comment on your blog. ? I’m not sure why, or how to fix the quirk. Anyway…just want to tell you that R2D2 is a MASTERPIECE!!! You have some very serious talent going on there, girlfriend. :)


  8. Susie, thanks for your compliment. Yes, my babies were full of character. At one point I thought about making a confectioners icing and decorating a few as Easter chicks. I awoke from my stupor just in time to remember that the idea was half-past due in more ways than one. lol. ;)


  9. Jenn, I was amazed at how much flavor these produced. I can’t imagine what the Rich Man’s version would have been like.


  10. They are beautiful. Each one has it own little character. :)
    Great job,


  11. They look good to me and yummy! Wish I would have made some plain brioche…next time! Happy baking…Jenn


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