The Bread Baker’s Apprentice, Casatiello

Oh goodness, we are dashing towards my favorite-of-favorites, but let me not get ahead of myself.  I’ll find a way to rush myself into the Challah without adding panic dust to my apron.  Let’s enjoy what this week offered.  It may not appear as a beauty by the looks of the photography, but if you’ll trust me on a whim, I promise I won’t lead you astray.  This weeks bake has a charm, rustic by the looks of my rendition, that leads one to believe that you really can live by bread alone.   Salami was an option, but only if I wanted to take my chances on what year I made that purchase.  I take my chances when sharing a house with a teenager.  How many weeks has she been free from the dorm life?  When did that package peel away it’s edges and unfold itself to the recesses of the fridge corner?  Are those specs suppose to be embedded, or is that a foreign territory awaiting exploration?

Too many questions for an old person.  How about I just use the leftovers of the breakfast sizzle?  I hid those last four slices so fast that their heads spun.  (Wrap it in a paper towel and cast it off to the side.  They’ll think it’s trash and ignore it like  it’s a chore.   You know the whine, it goes something like this, “Quick, someone else take care of that”)!

Trust me, this works great, just don’t ever let on that I led you down this path.  Think of the consequences:  Seriously, if you give in and tell them our, ‘little trick’, we will lose more than our bacon: Chocolates, donuts, the last cola.  It’s all up for grabs and I somehow doubt it will be landing in file #13.


Okay.  Let’s get to this Casatiello.  What can go wrong with bacon and cheddar cheese?  Nothing, absolutely, nothing.  No matter how you rush a proof, fret over the concerns of the prior week, or cram forty-seven major, MUST-DO-IT-NOW! items into your day, this bread is going to deliver for you, and on Day #2, it’s going to surprise you even more.  I found myself slicing and munching before I could hit the, TOAST, function on that little baby oven.   The thought of a second slice, crispy and crunchy, had to be put on hold because that first slice resembled a forth-of-a-loaf, cut.  Shush!!!  No one needs to know that secret.  I’ll get back to that diet business soon.  I’m going on a fruit, nut, and berry diet with the help of my sweet puppy dog, Hannah.  Tomorrow we have a visit with the vet.  I’m sure we will both be in trouble once he weighs in with us about our annual gains.   Dang, and to think I have to pay for this abuse?  What is wrong with this picture?  Oh, and was this post about bread? 



Okay, I’m going to let you in on one more secret before I head back to my cave.   My very first time to bake this intoxicating item, and I found it had a texture not unlike that of a rich, munch-of-a-crunch, muffin around the edges.  The interior is moist and dreamy, and that crispy note was a most unexpected treat. 


Thanks again to Nicole of, , for offering up this bread baking challenge.  I can’t think of anything I enjoy more than making, baking and EATING a Peter Reinhart bread.  

Share the journey; bake bread!


~ by coffeegrounded on June 15, 2009.

3 Responses to “The Bread Baker’s Apprentice, Casatiello”

  1. Your bread looks so scrumptious, could I have a slice for my breakfast? I am glad you seemed to have so much fun with this challenge, Margie!



  2. I love the look of your loaves. Like little meat and cheese Turbans of sorts! On to challah! Happy baking!


  3. Your loaves are awesome. YES< hats off to Nicole. :)
    Great baking along with you,


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