Picking up signals


I fretted over the loss of electricity and took to the backyard to fry myself.  That was almost two weeks ago, but look what happened after 7.5 inches of rain and the loss of power for two days straight!  (Forget that I had another brown/black-out four days later that literally took what hadn’t ruined within the fridge,and finally made those items VERY unsafe for human consumption.  It was only $ ($$$$$), after all, and since the repair of the washing machine, the purchase of the new cook-top and microwave, why not have a bit more excitement?)

I’m savoring every single minute that I spend in my garden.  In more ways than one, I can get down-and-dirty, play with my own hand-crafted mudpies, all the while pretending my residence is The jungle.  Summer has truly arrived, and with it, 100+ degree temps.  I trust my local news weather man and believe in him fully, right down to that 10 per cent chance for rain that will result in the second coming of Noah, floating about in his revised, updated, and ‘smokin’, Ark 2. 


Seriously, I know I’m in trouble when I start receiving signals from Hannah.  If she smells something, and she’s pointing towards the kitchen, there must be a deadline or two that looms, rotates, and drops to signal a need for me to take cover.  With those lovely high-temps pushing Mr. A. Standard to force coolant through his veins, I guess it is time for me to perform a bit of duty.  I’m using Doppler to affect my hone back to the necessary cage.  I’ll see you later, dripping in sweat and eating evidence.


Oops!  Before I go, I have one last chore:  Hoeing the back forty.


~ by coffeegrounded on June 23, 2009.

One Response to “Picking up signals”

  1. So pretty! Little Hannah looks so happy to be in the jungle.


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