Chai cupcakes, and a gal named, Martha….



Trust me, these photo’s don’t do this bake justice.  I’m posting them because of my need to talk about fate, and one of my hero’s, Martha. 


You know her too, and whether you have a, ‘ love-hate’ relationship with her, or an, ‘I can’ t be bothered’ one, she’s a force to be reckoned with for all that she is:

Ordinary.  Organized.  Perfecting.  Pushy.  Controlling.  Determined.  Detailed.  Driven.  Grounded.  This list could get rather long if I allowed myself, so I’ll just close with this:  She enjoys being, domesticated.  I do too.  So there you have it.  We are basically the same person except she has the grit and I have the grime.  She is a class-act and I am a class-clown, but we gals are pretty much made of the same stuff (if you don’t look too closely at my threads and my wares). ;)



So when my oldest daughter and future son-in-law asked me to bake cupcakes for their wedding, I did the only respectable thing I could do,


because I didn’ t have HER phone number.  How on earth could I manage on my own, left to my own devices?  I began countless recipe searches, both on the Internet and through countless pages of  local library cookbooks.  I dug through my recipe files, searched my own danged books.  I fed cupcakes to strangers, friends, family.  The diet was/is most consistent.  Give me a week and I’ll transform your life with something I call, CUPCAKE TEST #….

Okay, so far I don’t think I’ve lost friends on the trial runs, but I’m pretty sure my husband no longer delivers said items to the folks at the office.  Somehow I think they are part of the roadway off of I-35.  Maybe the buzzards or a visiting armadillo are attempting to fork down a few .  I have no clue.  I’m not sure of anything these days, but all is well when you’re clueless.

What you don’t know, can’t hurt you. 

I like that adage.  It gives me strength to endure the days ahead.  It helps to curb the edge from the panic and anxiety over those things that exist due to, Murphy’s Law.  You know those things that we can’t control?  The ones that end up slapping us around our kitchens like a crazed banshee when we discover the bread didn’t rise and the chili burnt down the spare bedroom?  Yeah.  I’m suffering from overload at this point.  So, I did the only thing I could do when the operator at 911 refused to give me her number. 

I bought her cookbook, her new one.  The one titled, Cupcakes*.  I love it and I think it’s ironic (Camp Cupcake?)  I think it’s so Martha. 

She smiles all the way to the bank.  :)


And me?  I’m going to smile all the way through the reception and the, cake-in-the-face, photo op, to beyond.  Why?  Because this particular cupcake may not look like much from my take, but the taste is so spot on, refreshing and biting, all in one.

CLASSY and SASSY, just like our girl,  Martha Stewart!





*DISCLAIMER:  I AM NOT ADVERTISING FOR MARTHA STEWART, but simply expressing my gratitude to this lovely lady for offering her Chai cupcake recipe in her most current book.   The recipe is unavailable through my website.  I encourage you to purchase her book.  You won’t be disappointed.  :)

P.S.  No, Martha, this is NOT the recipe for the icing shown for this bake.  I had to ‘wing-it’ when I discovered a key ingredient was missing from my pantry.  I quickly put together a mocha/cocoa/confectioners frosting.  It worked.  ;)

~ by coffeegrounded on July 1, 2009.

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  1. oh goodness….i think i need to move home.


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