Cupcake Glory-Shine


We were at it again, delving into the pages of her book, Martha Stewart’s, CUPCAKES.  I was on one page, she, totally upon another.    I spied the Devil’s Food Cupcakes, along with a set of options for a frosting.   I dove into the pantry in search of all the necessary items and came up short in my chocolate supply.  HOW CAN THIS BE?  My wallet may be shy a few greenbacks, the gas tank always near empty, but the chocolate stash, short?  This is currently under investigation.  I’ll report back when the lab results are in, but in the meantime I’m holding suspects in their respective cells, or at least until the closet is cleaned and the garage is spotless.  You read me right!  This is NOT a democracy. A person is assumed guilty until proven otherwise.  Besides, the usual suspects have failed to understand this mission:   There are cupcakes to be eaten, but first they must be baked.   With a shortage, at hand, I was forced to go with an alternate topping:  Chocolate Ganache Glaze.  And such was the case of the missing chocolate.  Stay tuned….


So, you ask, “Were they any good?  Sure, they have beauty, but what’s on the inside?”


Well, my answer would be this:

Soft, sweet, evanescent chocolate!  This girl is the REAL DEAL.   She could hold her own WITHOUT an icing if she took a notion, but why hold back?  Chocolate is the only way to go.  Make the cupcake, top it with the ganache, and then get yourself some of those chocolate sprinkles.  The REAL ones.  Don’t be throwing those fake jimmies on a beauty like this. 

As I told you last week: 

She’s a class act!

Treat her with respect, after all, this ain’t yo mama’s cupcake!  In my house, this one belongs to, Jacob.  (I also have a second one sitting in a holding pattern.  I’m performing its secondary fly-by in a week or two.)


P.S.  Martha’s original offering for her Devils Food Cupcake* was either the Seven-Minute Frosting (page 303), or the Cream Cheese Frosting (also on page 303).  I opted for the Chocolate Ganache Glaze on page 312.

The cupcake recipe can be found on page 34 of this beautiful book.

~ by coffeegrounded on July 5, 2009.

One Response to “Cupcake Glory-Shine”

  1. oh my…i am so hungry now!!!


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