The Bread Baker’s Apprentice, Cinnamon Buns

Again, my thanks to Nicole of for offering this lovely challenge, and always to the lovely Peter Reinhart , for sharing his gifts with us.


The naked truth is …

I love cinnamon, am endeared to butter, and am never forsaken by a good raisin soaked in a rum bath.  Just the thought of combining like ingredients creates a sensory overload.  This weeks bake had me at the title, and although that wonderous Peter Reinhart didn’t ask for the rum, I felt I had to oblige (myself) just for the heck of it.


I got started on this item a bit late in the day, and therefore, caught myself in a frenzy toward nightfall.  I wanted to post this beauty by natural light, but that wasn’t going to happen.  It meant I’d have to rise early and snap shots before hubby carted these gems off to the office.  Like that’ll happen!

P1110081Oh YUMMY

As I drizzled away, I kept thanking myself profusely for being such a great procrastinator.  Had I produced this sweet thing earlier in the week I know I would have consumed a great number of them.  And since I’ve been cupcake testing for the past two months I knew the temptation of cinnamon rolls would prove overwhelming if they stayed in the house.  I shipped these off promptly, at dawn, confident that folks at the office would snack for me. 

You should have been here during the bake.  This house imploded with a mind-altering aroma.  The dog and the two cats had to vacate the premises and hubby was barred to the bedroom (after a hard slap to his wrist).  Youngest daughter could have cared less.  Raisins?  YUCK!    As for me, I  simply cried myself to sleep over the latest,  ‘no-bites-for-me’, episode, but with the latest shopping trip to locate something to wear to my daughters wedding , I think I’ll be doing a lot of crying.  


~ by coffeegrounded on July 17, 2009.

9 Responses to “The Bread Baker’s Apprentice, Cinnamon Buns”

  1. Thanks for trying to leave a comment on my blog for a safe and happy journey. Not sure why you couldn’t. I thought there was an anonymous under select profile. HUM!
    Appreciate it,


  2. Oh dear, you make me want to make them all over again! And I have no dress to purchase, but then again, all my clothes are a little snug since we started this challenge . . . good thing calories need to be ingested and not just viewed to add pounds. :)


  3. Susie, again I tried to comment on your blog…to wish you well, a safe and happy journey, but alas, I was refused…something about me ‘not owning my identity’? … hmmm, I’ve been me for almost 57 years, but that computer says I don’t exist. :( …anyway, girlfriend, thank you again for your praise. Smile back at us upon your return. Happy trails to you! :)

    AnneMarie, Let’s invest in Emeril’s, ‘Smell-O-Vision’ program. ;)
    Raisins, I think they are a love-or-hate item. No middle of the road, but for me…I LOVE them and can snack on them daily. They’re good for us too.

    Laura, you be so kind. :) Yes, hubby’s office said they were divine, and now, as you can read from my daughter, Megan’s post, they may be an added item to her wedding feast. LOL. 2Funny! Like this mama is gonna whip up cinnamon rolls AND cupcakes. She be dreamin…. ;)

    Salt, I ordered one dress, shipped it back, and have ordered two more. I’ve tried on 57,000 items in 24,000 stores. Dress shopping was fun when I was younger, now its a real chore. Next comes shoe shopping. OUCH! ;)

    Megan, I’ll make cinnamon rolls one day, but maybe not for a crew. They’ll have to be just for you and Jake. I am counting the days and can’t wait to see you kids. I miss you more than ever. XOXOXOXOXOXO


  4. oh my!!! I want some right now! Forget the cookies, send those! Maybe we should substitute the wedding cupcakes for those too! They look delightful!


  5. Beautiful cinnamon buns. Raisins soaked in rum – how decadent!! Good luck with the wedding dress shopping.


  6. They look so tasty! Great job!


  7. Great pictures and write up. I love the way you iced them in a criss-cross pattern. I sent my cinnamon buns out of the house also… but hubby snuck one back in for me. I didn’t know whether to thank him or chastise him. ;-)

    Have a wonderful time dress shopping.


  8. I have to remove the raisins from all baked goods unless I want to eat them all myself… Wish we could smell through the computer.


  9. Awesome. Wish I could have a taste or two or three. :o)
    Great job,


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