The Bread Baker’s Apprentice, Cinnamon Raisin Walnut Bread

Peter Reinhart wrote, The Bread Baker’s Apprentice Nicole writes a lovely blog, Pinch My Salt (  I celebrate my bakes to both of these special people.  Without one, we would not have our baking book, without the other, we would not have our commitment.   Kudos to them both!



Please don’t throw mama from the bus, cast me into exile on a deserted isle or ban me from the wondrous journey of all things, baked.    I have to amend the title of this lovely bread, it is more appropriately, Rummed-up Raisin, Candied Ginger, Toasted Almond Bread. 

I know.  I live a life of sin and waywardness.  I’m a rebel, but with a cause.  Seriously.  I claim and admit this freely.   Especially if it means that I trust myself to live within my means.  And today I did.  I lived without shame as I baked myself into the Nirvana of sugar and spice and all things nice. 

I allowed the teenager the car for the day and I accepted the freedom from one more journey down the road to the store for more raisins and those necessary walnuts.  Sure, I saved a few bucks by using the stash from the cupboard, but I knew there really was no reason to slap myself silly for not having gathered the necessary elements prior to today’s bake.  If you’ve been following me lately (in the blog, not that unmarked car), then you know I have ‘other’ things on my mind.  They revolve around a dress that MUST fit by mid-September, and a very important date.  So, these days when I grocery shop I spend my time visiting with the many experts in the vitamin/protein powder aisle.  I’ve got forty-seven different versions of power-packed, slimming possibilities available and a blender that produces magic ‘food’.  The last thing I need to do is stock this pantry with the fundamentals of healthy items like raisins and walnuts.  There’s something sensible about using up what already temps me.  Don’t ask me what happens when the stock is so low that I attempt bread from a canned meat product or cupcakes from dog and cat vittles.  

So….that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.  I’m also sticking that slice of wonderful ‘mischief’ I conjured up this afternoon right here on my backside.  Tomorrow I plan on walking to the compost pile, the mailbox, and the neighbors to visit.  I should burn off about 22 calories by those efforts.  At some point I’m going to wake up and realize, These shoes were made for walking….and if I’m lucky I’ll still have time to slash a few layers from these saddlebags. 





~ by coffeegrounded on July 30, 2009.

5 Responses to “The Bread Baker’s Apprentice, Cinnamon Raisin Walnut Bread”

  1. Margie, how have you been? This cinnamon raisin walnut bread looks so delicious. Great job!



  2. All of ya’ll are just too kind! Really. Seriously. Truly.

    Susie, if you lived nearby we would be in wild cahoots and most likely never leave the kitchen clean, the bathroom, much less anything else. Baking would possibly become secondary, as we would be running to-and-fro, and NEVER home. After all, good friends should enjoy catching up on all those items they have missed before becoming BFF’s. I’d have tales, you’d have tales, and then we would discover how to make and create some new whoppers. ;)

    Daniel, you are more than kind. Actually, I read the instructions FULLY this time and it paid off….as it normally does with all things, P.R., related. The mans a genius with his guidelines. I’d invite you over for a smidgen, but there ain’t nothing left! Imagine that? When I sliced into that ‘Bentley’ I couldn’t believe my own eyes. True miracle of miracles! ;)

    Jenn, this bread was remarkable. The one slice I ate was heavenly and I wanted to eat several more, but I kept thinking…the countdown, the countdown, the countdown. Ain’t no way to ‘countdown’ on calories if there’s a hefty ‘uptake’. boo-hiss! But I really, really enjoyed THAT slice I did eat. And it ain’t nobodies business that it was three times normal size. I ain’t telling if you don’t. ;) (Again, thank you for enjoying my writing. I have several personalities and some times one wins out over the other. I never know WHOSE up to bat on any given day, but as long as they ALL behave I allow them room to rant. Seriously, they are heavy coffee drinkers and generally a tad bit too loaded at times.) ;)


  3. I could read your writings all day! I loved this bread and quickly put it under lock and key so not to eat a whole loaf in one sitting! I will now go walk for miles just thinking about it….happy baking!


  4. Amazing swirl on the loaves. That crumb could not get any better!


  5. What a great post!
    Your loaves look awesome. Wish you lived close by. :)
    Great job and nice baking along with you,


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