Let life take you where it will 


 You won’t journey alone 


 I’m sprinkling bread crumbs as I follow. 



Let’s get started.  We’ll meander a bit, but that’s okay.  Remember to smell the flowers.  Remember also, this lady CAN’T grow a rose to save her soul!  (I can grow that Rudbekia though…a weed in some parts….but heck, here she is my glory-girl.) 

…but first, we’ve got to give our, “Good mornings!,” to Bridget-Renee, hmmm, that poor bunny looks rather surprised!  “Sorry, Mr. Bunny, we hope you can ignore her lack of manners. 


“=^;^= “  (bunny talk)



Oh!  look, there are more steps……


Meet my friend, Mr. O. Reg-A-No.   He, unlike the rabbit, does not allow foolishness from Bridget.  He is rather amused and delighted by, Cast-Iron Annie, the cardinal, though.  ;)


Look!  It’s Mr. Rooster, brightening our day with his ‘lovely’ gardening accessories.  Seems he has found an old brass curtain rod, a broom-handle, garden trowel, and the rusted up bird bath to adorn his abode.  Good for him!  I’ve been stressing the need to re-cycle. 

 “Kudos’s to you, Mr. R!”


Enjoy this.  It’s what I like to call, My Field of Dreams walkway.  M2, planted the okra and corn for me; beautiful job, Mips! … anyway…there’s a little weave of a story at this point.  Hold your horses and we’ll get back to our journey in a sec:

One afternoon,

eons ago, in the land of another galaxy, somewhere the other side of Niwot, Colorado, two young school girls have decided they will fore go their lengthy bus-ride home.  They decide that they’ll hike across the highway, set their sites on the purchase of penny candy at the lonely little country store and enjoy a leisurely walk homeward. 


 “Must only be about four miles, ya think?” 

 …. “Oh easy!  What the heck, we’ll be on the bus for an hour-and-a-half, bored to death as usual.  Let’s enjoy ourselves.” 

 Game On!


We do well crossing the highway, following the train tracks until we turn into town for the purchase of our candy.  With that done, we head back down those same railroad tracks toward the lonely dirt road that will press us toward home. 

“Gee, it’s hot and dusty today.”

“Yeah, I know it.  This candy’s pretty good.   Wish we’d have had enough to buy a coke with, though.”

“Yeah, that WOULD have been nice!”

………………(playing games on the ties…..“don’t step on a crack, you’ll break Mama’s back!”………..

…..a hundred and thirty three, thirty four…….four hundred and seven….

“NO!  It’s FIVE hundred and seven!  You forgot to add back in one of those hundreds.”

“It is NOT!”

“Yes, IT IS!”

“Oh, let’s just be quiet.”

…..    …..     …..      (white noise background)     …..     …..     …..

“Hey I have an idea!  Let’s walk through the corn field.  That’s got to save us a couple of miles.  You know, if we shoot straight that way, we’ll be home in no time.”

“Are you sure?”

“B.  We live right over there, down that hill and up that other one!”

“Yeah, we do.  Okay.  Let’s do it.  I’m thirsty, hot and getting tired.”

“I’ll double that!”


“Are you with me?”

“Don’t try to walk so fast, and remember, we are going, that direction!”

“Wow, I never realized this stuff  was so tall!”

“Yeah, this must not be that cattle feed corn.  Must be table corn.”


“STEP ON IT!  I’m tired and I hate it when you meander.  B.?  B.?  B.? BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB, where are you?”

“I’m over here.”



“No, you’re not!  I’m over HERE!”

(Panic is setting it’s stage here, and don’t forget the hunger and thirst…oh, and that ticking clock upon the wall.)

“I don’t know where we are?”

“Me either.”

“Just stay with me.  I don’t want to get lost from each other, AGAIN.”

(That sun is shifting and there’s a slight rustle of corn stalks.  I wish it were a cool breeze, or do we?)

Okay, we need a break in this tale.  I’m going to summarize the finale for all of us, so we can be put from our miseries:

We are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO lost, high corn and ‘high-cotton’ aren’t in the same league with each other and now we have come to the conclusion that we will NEVER be found.  We begin scarring the pee out of each other with stories of spiders, rats and snakes.  Especially those rather LARGE and RIGHTLY deemed, CORN SNAKES.  Our pace hastens and we decide that we will forget ‘staying-together.’  We discover what will prove to be our brightest plan of the day:

“The first one out of this corn patch should proceed directly to the nearest doorway of any thing that resembles a place of occupancy:   Request help and aid and hope that the OTHER one is found ALIVE!!!!!!”


Both of us are living proof that we survived.  One of us delivers this tale in hopes that the other(s) can recant the story as this gal perceived it.  If not, do me a favor and ‘spice it up a bit’ .  Will ya?  ;)

Shew!  That was a llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllong tale.  Bless you for staying with me.  Now, let us meander back into the wild.  Gather the stirrups and let’s, ‘Giddy-Up-Go’!  Mosey with me, further, there’s got to be an ending, somewhere.?


P.S.  Thank you, Mips, for planting only ONE row.  I bless you.  :)  Love.  XOXOXO

Miss O. Kra, blooms her lovely fruits at this time of year.  Yesterday I harvested a single pod.  ‘Tis okay, though, she tames the corn field that sets behind her stage.


“To everyone and every little thing, there is a season.”

P1110243From Dust to Dust

A road less traveled.


Some roads will lead you nowhere, but to have not taken the journey is to have missed the beauty along the path.


And some journey’s teach us that without a beginning, there would be no end.  Oh, how tireless would that be?  Give thanks, and sing joyful sounds for a job well done.  :)  Don’t forget to look over your shoulder.  Enjoying and savouring the fruits of your labors.

P1110252Look Back

Bloom ferociously. 




~ by coffeegrounded on August 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “Journey,”

  1. Margie, how are you there? Totally love your garden! Beautiful landscaping… Everything seemed to blend nicely.



  2. Margie, When I tried to look at your blog, it said that I needed a wordpress password. Took a few tries but I got one. I have become addicted to your garden photos. Great journey.

    Anne Marie


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