Excuses, excuses…….

I have a hard time believing in Voodoo, witchcraft  or magic, but I can very well relate to Murphy’s Law.  I went about some housekeeping chores, setting my sights on a new look for my blog.  I had a minor glitch, here, there and then suddenly, everywhere.  I finally gave up saying, “Phooey!”(alongside a myriad of other expletive choice words), and made the decision to keep things, as is, for the time being. 


I like this photo, not for it’s spectacularness, cuz let’s admit, I’m on a sharp learning curve, but I enjoy it for it’s simplicity.

This butternut squash mysteriously took over the space under the fading cedar last summer.


P1030848 (Large)

and a fruited endeavor, revealed:

P1030736 (Large)

“Have I been baking,” you ask?  Well, kind of, if you want to count the dozen or so fresh blueberry muffins I made yesterday.  I do have plans to try a new brownie recipe today.  I used my finger as a pin cushion so the hand-sewing project I was working on is in a tentative hold pattern.  Thank goodness, Stella…aka… Emma-Jean, the lovely KitchenAid,  is ready to dance.  I was sitting a few out until I got my groove back on, and then I figured that’s gonna happen, on or about, The Twelfth of Never.   With odds like these, why let the oven cool?

Yep.  My thoughts exactly.

Keep those burners blazing.


~ by coffeegrounded on August 21, 2009.

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