The Bread Baker’s Apprentice, English Muffins

No, these are not dinner rolls, but simply English Muffins in the making.  The free-form comes from the  hands of a woman who failed to read the recipe per instructions.  And they were, VERY GOOD INSTRUCTIONS.

Peter Reinhart teaches us via, The Bread Baker’s Apprentice.  With time and patience, we can perform magic in our very own kitchens.  English Muffins need not gestate, take form and deliver themselves via a bread bag, dated and drying upon a store shelf.  No.  These little beauties can be crafted by you, anytime, any day, anywhere, as long as you are ready, willing and able.

Kudos, and many thanks to Peter for his instructions.  I absolutely love my baking book, and although I noted (this very afternoon), that it is beginning to show the signs of use, and that it is no longer in mint condition, I consoled myself with the knowledge that I am better because of it.

I am also better because of Nicole, over at  She encouraged many of us to pursue a baking challenge alongside of her.  We will be baking our way through, The Bread Baker’s Apprentice, during the next several weeks.  (As of matter-of-fact, we are well on our way.)

I can’t think of a better way to spend my time. 

Celebrating Nicole and Peter, I dedicate these lovelies in their honor.


P1110541Muffin1 (Large)

Oh look!  The old woman has done a double-take with the baking book.  She realizes she has ‘almost’ missed the opportunity to utilize those baking forms she scoured the local stores for (and finally settled on ordering the ‘real’ thing from KA).

P1110550STAGE (Large)

Hark.  Has this woman performed a double-bake?  By gosh, by golly, I do believe she has!  (There’s a Cranberry-Walnut Celebration Bread waiting in the background.)

PICK ME (Large)

The crumb is silky, smooth and down-right, tasty!


Be kind to yourself. 

Bake bread.

Share it with your inner spirit.  You’ll be amazed at your transformation. 

Happy Bakes 2 U!


~ by coffeegrounded on September 2, 2009.

3 Responses to “The Bread Baker’s Apprentice, English Muffins”

  1. Great job on the double bake!! I’m impressed that no cranberries and walnuts ended up in your english muffins. The muffins look great.


  2. Anh, yes it is! I have been so inspired by that work of art. Peter Reinhart writes in a clear and concise manner. One of these days I will bake my way through every one of his books. Well, make that YEARS…cuz it’s gonna take me a few. ;) I should be rather pudgy and waddling at the end, but I will have enjoyed every last pound and every last breath of the journey.


  3. That book is gold, isn’t it? Must be the best bread baking book ever!


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