Peanut Butter AND Chocolate.

 Oh Martha, you shouldn’t have!


…..but I am so glad that you did…..


My kids are going to be very happy


Here’s my list:



Devil’s Food

Yellow Buttermilk

Peanut Butter-filled Chocolate


I sent my last two boxes yesterday, parting with my baking scale and those favored kitchen utensils I simply can’t be without…oh, and there’s a baking pan in my carry-on. 

I’m operating under scrutiny of Murphy’s Law, but that’s not going to hold me hostage.  I’ve got a game plan and I’m willing to punt, pass, and or steal if I have to in order to execute it. 

Swine flu?  Grab me if you dare!  My game’s on! 

Cake Wrecks?  Try it!  I dare ‘ya!

Last Train Going Nowhere?  Not likely…this girl’s ready and dealing with a full deck.

Nervous?  Oh dang, are you serious?  What fool wouldn’t be?  But that ain’t delaying this chick from boarding the plane come Sunday morning. 

Ready?  As I’ll ever be.

Pumped?  Beyond your wildest imaginations!

Is California ready for you?  I don’t know, are they ready for Texas?


P.S.  Martha is the beauty queen and princess of my isle.  She wins this one, hands down!  All four recipes are from here new book:

I can’t thank you enough, Martha, but I can tell you publicly how much I appreciate you. 

And I do!



~ by coffeegrounded on September 10, 2009.

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