Don’t be afraid

to stick your nose in the air.  Sometimes it’s absolutely necessary for survival. 

I ran into the yard recently and got a whiff of something, just not right.  I stood silent for a brief moment in time.  Off center and just beyond the bush, I caught sight of Elmer Fudd, the father of all squirrels, or at least the father of several dozen that wreak havoc upon my senses, daily. 

So, I did what I had to do.   Now, let us venture to Part II.


It occurred to me that I hadn’t wished you well, Happy New Year! much less, “Hello, how were your holidays?”  Forgive me, I’ve been basking in the sunshine of my most recent adventure. 

2009 is out like a light, and the year, 2010 is shining most bright.  May you fare well this year, always keeping steady to your dream, or finding a new one if the old one doesn’t do you justice.   (Don’t be afraid to change your resolutions, and your underwear, and your mind….most of all, your mind.)

Seek out only that of which you want and hope to learn, knowing full well that you can’t do everything by yourself.  Life requires teamwork, trials, tribulations, a whole mess (and mass), of unexpected frustrations, but in the end you’ll come up breathing if you do as I do.

Keep your nose in the air.  After all, Life belongs to those of us that are stuffy enough to expect the unexpected, and sure enough to know that when the odds are against us, our backs to the wall, there will always be more mayhem.  It’s a prerequisite to gaining, mojo.

Life ain’t easy, but it sure is worth living.  Especially when you share it with a friend, or two, or forty-seven.   I’m living proof!  The morning that I had my nose in the air?  My target beyond me?  I rallied.  I did it with the help of a friend.  I barked loud, furious, and most obnoxiously, until my best friend showed up to assist me. 

Never walk alone.

Call me.

I charge wholeheartedly into the wild,  and I never look back, down, or sideways. 

My nose is always in the air.  I’m not afraid to sniff the daylights out of you. 

We be buds.  :)




P.S.  Happy New Year!

~ by coffeegrounded on January 2, 2010.

3 Responses to “Don’t be afraid”

  1. Hello Auntie M,
    Howsa goin? I’m pretty good. I am at grandma Brown’s house looking at family blogs.I absolutely LOVE that picture of Princess Hannah(full of grace.) Call me at my house when you get this,I might not answer, but I’ll call back….Love ya,Juliann


  2. Margie, happy new year! Wish you a year filled with love, joy and success!

    I love the write-up of this post so much, it is meaningful and wise… even when you put it from Hannah’s point of view :-)

    Sawadee from Bangkok,


    • Thanks for such kind words, Kris. Your posts always bring a smile to my face. :)

      I’ve been very lax on my blog of late; I’m hoping to organize it a bit after I send my youngest back to college. I’ve been baking, by the boat-loads, but not taking pictures, nor writing up my recipes. I had fun learning a new candy recipe this season. Hopefully I can improve it a bit more and then post it. It is SUPER easy!
      I’m taking a bread class in February with Peter Reinhart. It should be loads of fun! I did some recipe testing for him on his last book….myself and 500 other folks. It caused me to get pudgier, but wiser. ;)

      Take care and enjoy all that Life brings you!


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