‘Standing on a corner’

 …no, not in Winslow, but off the tarmac.  Here’s my latest fly-by:

It’s lunch hour.  I should be sunning myself on my bench. 

Instead, I am searching for a bit of green or brown space.  Or rather, a dry place.

At 5:00 o’clock I was beside myself.  I ventured into the front yard for signs of squirrel activity.   This stuff was causing me to become stir-crazy.  Cabin fever set in and I was beside myself.

Surely I would be rescued by another animal suffering the likes of ‘white-out’ stress.  I knew there were nuts to be collected, fur babies needing fed.   Where were those critters that relentlessly teased me?  Perhaps all I needed was another perspective.  Turning to my right, and down the opposite side of the street, I caught sight of this:

Absolutely, NUTTIN!

I wandered back into the confines of the warm and cozy nest and made a mental note to ignore the rest of the day.  

Some days just eat dirt, others, well, they simply give one the cold shoulder.

I feel for my friends back and to the east.  It will be weeks before they get a reprieve.  With luck, I’ll be out in the mud by noon tomorrow.



~ by coffeegrounded on February 11, 2010.

3 Responses to “‘Standing on a corner’”

  1. I sad to say that Scout once dove through the window to get a squirrel. She would be sad to see them all hiding from the snow.


    • Scout and Hannah sound like quite a pair!

      Daily I have to help Hannah fend off the onslaught of furry visitors. They like to gather in the leafless trees, this time of year, and taunt the daylights out of the doggies on both sides of the fence, I carry a big stick, use it to shake the limbs, so the doggies can watch the little items ‘squirrel’ their was down the limbs and onto the precarious fence top. This makes for good folly. I figure one of these days I’ll see the likes of a crazed woman in-action, posted on, America’s Funniest Home Video’s.

      (oh my!..eek)


  2. I can’t get over all that snow!!!! My little eskimo baby looks so cute with little snowflakes on her face :)


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