“Are we there, yet?”

Nope.  Nada. 

Do me a favor:  Pretend you are in a time warp.  Another dimension.  You’re drifting, but not yet, in ‘place’. 

I really do have a plan.  It’s rather adventurous and involves Huck and Tom.  We are journeying to places not yet discovered.  We are taking with us Miss J., and Miss M.  They have no idea of what our travels will unveil.  But I’m sure that once encountered they will no doubt enjoy themselves, immensely.

Okay.  I apologize, first for the lack of food-related photo’s, and second, for the mystery.  Truth be told, I am not that difficult to read.  Actually, my pages are wide open, as is the adventure I’m about to embark upon. 

I’ve been too danged busy to seek out and secure a new system.  Jack has arrived at the beanstalk and the ladybugs are wearing their full fashions.  With luck, I’ll be able to harvest a few ten to twelve footer’s by the middle of July.  No, not sub buns, but sunflowers. 

Obviously, I am spending my days in the garden.  I have to.  I have to do it while I can.  We leave winter to arrive at Hades.  There is very little , spring, to Texas.  I’ve been pouring copious amounts of H2O onto my tiny plot of Eden.  We are fully organic and seeking solace in the fact that the items sprouted, hardened off, and now deceased, were within our midst and glory only days, yet we enjoyed them.  But not to fret.  A neighbors weary and worn wheel-barrow of soil, has now revived itself, via the compost pile, into the loveliest of surprises!  We have, sunflowers, cucumbers and squash.  I had no idea the hi-jacked express could prove so loving and eager. 

But I digress.  What, you say, is this business about Huck and Tom?  Simply put, it is a digression back to my seventh grade English class and a choice that I made.  On an assignment, I was to choose an author and read one of his, or her works.  I fell into Sam’s lap and have never looked back.   This summer will find me sharing my love of, Mark Twain, with Miss J. and Miss M., reading aloud in hopes of tricking them into slapping paint on these old sideboards of what I call, my life.  (A bit of trickery…lol)

I’ll return to my bread baking journey through, The Bread Baker’s Apprentice,  in  late summer, or early fall.  In the meantime, keep your eyes posted for Peter Reinhart’s, pizza quest.  Hopefully he will soon announce that his filming has been picked up for national broadcast. I am crossing my fingers and toes hoping to see him return to North Texas one of these days. 

Enjoy your summer, and many Happy Bakes 2U!  If you get the notion, find one of your lost loves (er,  books) and join us on our journey.  We can white-wash our lives together. 


~ by coffeegrounded on June 9, 2010.

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