Unphotographed, most likely unedited….

and certainly not entertaining, but whisper in your ear, I must.

I’m running into a deadline. If I don’t post now I may not find my way back into this blogosphere, or if I do, it may be under another alias. Somewhere, at sometime, I recall reading something that required my dutiful posting at least once every thirty days….or, am I just ‘memberin sumptin that ain’t actually nuttin’, who knows?  Anyway, pardon me while I post NOTHINGNESS, cuz I iz a cheat and I be fakin it big time!

I actually have hundreds of new photos and wonderous tales of family and friends visits.  There’s even one or two…or three,  new recipes, but I’m cheating. I’m leaving and not posting a darn thing, noteworthy. I simply can’t tempt fate to see if the blog monsters really eat me, caffeine and all.

I really will be back one of these days. I hope you will too.

~ by coffeegrounded on August 14, 2010.

One Response to “Unphotographed, most likely unedited….”

  1. Hey… post whenever you have the desire, I say. We’ll still be here!


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