I luvs you dez much…


No, I really, really do! I luvs  you

very, very much. 

Here, I shows you hows much:

I bees head-over-heels, smitten!

Alls the ways from my chinny-

chin-chin, to the tips of my tippy-

tip, toes….er, paws.


Okay, little fella.  I gots the




~ by coffeegrounded on September 21, 2010.

5 Responses to “I luvs you dez much…”

  1. Megan, we are COUNTING the days, too!

    Tempusflits; awe, thanks for loving my sweeties, too! I tell ya, where would we be without our furry friends? I’m sure you’ll agree, we’d be miserable! They bring us the sweetest, happiest moments…er, well, unless of course they have managed to dig into the barbeque pit and get grease all over their paws. I must go now, for that is exactly what that beautiful lab did. She’s been showered, but the mess on the patio awaits me. Enjoy your weekend.


  2. I’m in love with your pets! I have a black cat, myself. I can’t believe it, but he’s fifteen years old. He can still jump from the floor to my shoulder — especially if I’m stooped over to reach into the microwave.


  3. oh my goodness! that first picture is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life! I’m counting the days until I can meet that little fellow!


  4. Hi Shari. Long time, no visit. I miss you!

    I caught the new kitten in a couple of sweet bits of surrender, and I just had to share them.


  5. Awww This is So Cute!!! How are you?


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