‘Batter up!’

Oh my, I haven’t been this excited in FOREVER!

I can barely contain myself. Living in Texas one might assume that I’m a Ranger’s fan. But am I? Even I don’t know for sure.

Okay, I confess. I love baseball, but I rarely sit down to watch it. I haven’t followed a team since my brother played in the pony leagues, but once upon a time I really did cheer for the home boys. Allow me to fast forward, several years, and I now find myself as mother-in-law to a young man who hails from northern California. He’s a Giant’s fan. Obviously.

My daughter, a Ranger’s fan?

Is it a house, divided?


So, excuse me while I go and cheer on both teams.

It’s the sportsman-like conduct I must exhibit for now. Besides, this stuff is just down-right, FUN!


~ by coffeegrounded on October 27, 2010.

3 Responses to “‘Batter up!’”

  1. I’m not following the world series because my favorites, the Cleveland Indians will NEVER be in a world series, but it’s refreshing to see such excitement from you. GO TEAM! (whichever one that might be….LOL)


  2. No mom, it’s not a “house divided”!! I’m definitely rooting for the Giants, but I won’t be too sad if the Rangers win ;)


  3. From all the way up in Winnipeg, Canada (directions – an hour north of north dakota!) I’m cheering for the Rangers tonight!


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