Geez, lady!

Give it up, already!!!

….You didn’t know I could read your thoughts, did you?

Well I can,  and therefore I’m about to take action.

The next time you see me I’ll be wearing some clothes.

GOTCHA!  ;) 

No, seriously, and I do mean, S E R I O U S L Y,  I’ll be sporting a new outfit.

I may actually be wearing high heels and driving a new set of wheels.

Something in the area of RAM, as in DDR2, or three.

Heck, I’d better end on this high note before I really lose my audience.

(I’m shopping for my new system and I’m as clueless as ever, but fear not!  Anything has to work better than this set of wheels.  I’m down to the lug nuts and veering ever so close to that cliff over there.  IRT has nuttin on me ;)

P.S.  Enjoy my kitty cats tail for another go-round.  Oh, and here’s a kitty update:

Gilbert Grape is HUGE!  I’ll post evidence soon.  Hannah has met her match, and Bridget R. is threatening to leave home.  Lord help us.


Happy Thanksgiving.  I hope everyone has enjoyed their day.  Grease those pans and get ready for the next marathon of marathons:

The Christmas Season bake-off!

~ by coffeegrounded on November 25, 2010.

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