Drunkened Fruit (Boozed-up Mincemeat)

I could claim it as an accident, you know, one of those pleasant discoveries that lands in your lap when you are expecting the very worst out of a situation.

This is exactly what happened to me in the  aftermath of, post-Holiday Bake, 2009.  I was doing an inventory when I came upon the remnants of my annual fruitcake baking bonanza. Not one to waste anything, and certainly not a food item, I set my sights on making a fruitcake for Easter.  Dumping the dregs of the rum and brandy into the remaining fruit, I set about to create a burst of flavor for my unorthodox Easter feast. Sealing the jar tight and placing it into the recesses of the cabinet, I set forth on a mission untold.  (My oldest sister and I are avid fans of fruitcake.  I don’t think the other four siblings care to even discuss its existence.  But hence, I digress…..)

Easter came, as did many other festive occasions.  From time to time I would stumble upon that jar in the back of the cabinet and simply remind myself….One of these days I must get going on a cake. Several months passed, and just like the nagging of mama with the chores for her adolescents, I would fret myself over my own procrastinations.

I awoke from my slumber as, Holiday Bake, 2010, unfolded.  Like many of you, I hold an annual marathon in my kitchen.  All sorts of mischief unfolds:  I bake one or two of the local winning recipes from one or two of the local newspapers.  I drag out my old favorites of years gone by and close the family kitchen for days on end.  Literally, this is one of the few times of the year where you can hear me announce, “What are we having for dinner?”  My family is trained well, they know this means that they must beckon to the call of finding a dining option.  I’m always a good sport.  I travel with them when it is feed time.  I draw a line though, nothing fast;  I need pampering, no hustle, no bustle; I need downtime.

I had plans, by Christmas, to make some lemon, grapefruit, orange and ginger slices, but none of those items ever happened.  As a matter of fact, the fruitcake didn’t happen.   We enjoyed fruitcake cookies, baked into muffin-cakes.

Forget the cheesecloth, the sister in southern Colorado (although I would NEVER forget this precious soul).  Neither of these took precedent over this years marathon.  Sure, I intended to send my sis a bunch of goodies, but we found ourselves robbed of entitlements when the food theft occurred.  Somehow we awoke one morning to find that the little mincemeat cakes had vanished, and with them, the memory of the exact amounts used in their creation.

Some of you may question why I would still be posting items generally tagged for the holidays.  Hey, what can I tell you, “Stuff happens?”…..”I’m indulgent?”…..  …..

None, or all of the above.  I’m simply making notes.  I’m at that stage of life where jotting down items takes on a whole new meaning, ;)  When I was younger I thought lists were unnecessary, now I see them as building blocks.

No, it is not a bad thing to be getting up there, wherever there, is.  I look at it this way.

Some folks run cross-country marathons, covering 26.2 miles on their journey.  How in the heck they manage (M1), I’ll NEVER understand.  But I have my own little race event. I dash back and forth between oven and counter, amassing untold yardage along the way.  If I do my journey just right, there’s a line of bread crumbs (cookie, muffin, etc.) leading to that list of items I’d like to remember.

Enjoy life!  Take notes, take pictures, but most of all, take time.  Time for friends, for family and for those things that cause a smile to frame your face.

~ by coffeegrounded on January 20, 2011.

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