Dinner at the diner

Week #3, and M1’s week for a recipe choice.

She chose, Vegetable Cobbler!

Our family loved it so much that it will become a permanent member of my handwritten recipe file (yes, I do still hand-write my ‘saves’).

I had my item prepped, cooked, baked and eaten, before M1 had a chance to blaze the burners of her own kitchen.

Living two thousand miles apart will do that to you.  But in fairness to M1, she’s been out-of-town on business this past week, and her grocery store is one town removed from where she resides.  As I type this, I’m pretty sure she’s putting the finishing touches on her own masterpiece.  Maybe, if I travel at warp speed, I can sit at her and J’s table and have a redux, part two.

I would so love to do that.

Disclaimer:  We do not publish our recipes.  If you’d like to follow our shenanigans in greater detail, please visit us at www.BlazingBurners.wordpress.com

~ by coffeegrounded on January 30, 2011.

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