A collard green…


It’s Sunday, and time for another, Blazing Burners, episode.  This week, M1, and I try another recipe from, Lauren Ulm’s, Vegan Yum Yum cookbook.  Pages 91-93 offer us Collard Dolmas & Cranberry Tahini.

I was of little faith, but I tossed caution to the wind and braved the elements.  I doubted that my trusty little veggie could rally around a fruit-flavored tahini, but I no longer doubt the magic of this glorious green.

Collard greens are either loved, or hated, for I doubt there is any middle-of-the-road for this vegetable.  We normally tend this item over a large stockpot, boiling the dickens out of it, along with some bacon and a diced-up onion.  We drink it’s bath water and sing an ode to our health for all that the elixir offers us, and generally, we don’t think twice about this bit of finery.  We take it all for granted.

I have a feeling, in some circles, that seeing a post about using it as an appetizer will be regarded as a bit hoity-toity.  So be it.  I am not one who puts on airs, but if I get riled, I can put on a show.

And so it is with my excesses.  But I digress.

Get on over to Blazing Burners for the real, low-down.



~ by coffeegrounded on February 6, 2011.

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