Who, me?

Yes, you!

But I was only taking a sip.  Really, just a sip…..


This poor little kitty is having a rough go of it.  Her mother and father have recently adopted a canine.  She’s lost, looking for an escape, a bit of freedom from the stresses of co-habitation with the puppy.  She’s tried climbing to the top of the cabinets, escaping to the recesses of the closet, and cuddling down as closely as she can to her humans. It’s to no avail.

Miss Fancy-Pants, a.k.a.,  Miss Zulu the doggie, does not take the hint.  In desperation, our feline has taken to drinking.   Her grandmother is interceding.  An airline ticket is in the cat’s email.  Now all she needs is for that dog to drive her to the airport in Sacramento.

Stay tuned.


Do I look dangerous?



These photos have been ‘lifted’ from our parents website.  None of us are responsible for grandma’s behavior, especially, grandma!

~ by coffeegrounded on March 30, 2011.

2 Responses to “Who, me?”

  1. Oh, that would not be wise. You know how I am with cute puppies. ;)


  2. oh I think the babies are even cuter on your blog!! How about I drive ZULU to the airport?! She’s a frequent flyer ;)


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