Things to ponder

and a place to do it…

I could spend hours out here and never grow weary.  Well, that is unless I’m not sitting, but hauling and strategizing.

The soil is undergoing a major metamorphosis this season.  Besides the composted kitchen items, its getting its fueling from composted manure, and some earthworm castings.  The little green lady is also being fed a diet of fish emulsion, here and there, and she’s also been the recipient of a bottled organic compound that guarantees healthy root systems.

 Comfrey plant

Trying hard to amend soil that has been neglected is a challenging thing.  Who would have thought that playing in dirt could prove so enticing?

There’s cotton in them thar fields!

Front and center, little specks of green to the eyeballs.  My neighbor offered me some seeds and since the root crops had been chewed to smithereens by the butterfly caterpillars I felt it was time for round #2 of spring planting.  I’m not sure how the crop will do, it’s nestled between a clematis and some swiss chard, both of whom will require a bit more water than the fabric of our lives, plant.

Fringe flower, a.k.a. Chinese Witch Hazel

Also referred to as the witch hazel plant.  This little girl was initially planted in my front yard flower bed.  She grew rather robust and was sent into exile of the backyard.  She flourished, again, and two years ago I made the decision to see if I could train her into a tree.  I’d read that it could be done!

She stands as one of my most prized specimens.  I covet her and the Texas Nandina that set up shop, unannounced, about the same time that year.  I’ve nicknamed that girl, Leta, after the very special neighbor that warned me about the little hijacker.  “Marge, don’t pull that up thinking it’s a weed.  It’s not! Replant that where you want it to flourish.”  I did so, never knowing that it would prove to be the stand-out that it has become.

Texas Nandina, lovingly nicknamed, ‘Leta’

There are little babies that have hatched from the mama’s seeds.  I’m allowing them to naturalize for the time being.  Eventually, they will be moved to another area of the yard.  Perhaps somewhere along the new project I’ve got growing.

This girl rode in our her tricycle, and she ain’t never leaving.


~ by coffeegrounded on May 19, 2011.

2 Responses to “Things to ponder”

  1. Alive in mid-July?

    Oh sweetie, remember how lovely, cool and pleasant, the temps are at that time of year? Oh well, maybe we can enjoy a bumper crop of cotton. I’ll build a loom and we can weave ourselves into a dither, instead.


    These drought conditions are playing with my mojo. I’ll do what I can, but if all else fails, I’ll bake cookies in the shapes of leaves and flowers. We can decorate them and pretend that we are ‘gardening.’


  2. So pretty! I love the little tricycle. I also love the babies that managed to sneak their way into a few of the pictures. Keep everything fed and watered so it will still be growing in mid July when I come to visit!


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