Start me up!

(Daughter to mother:  Where is the guacamole?)

The last time I got my sourdough starter out and played with it is a distant memory.  It’s been so many months that I basically had to ‘refresh’ my memory as to which of my dried starters it was that I considered my fav.  Cleaning out and cleaning up the fridge this past week, I came across three different versions of the original, Alpha Omega.  Which to use?  Did it matter?  And most important, why are there three packages and only one that is dated?

Okay, it’s obvious.  I don’t take good notes.  Well, actually that’s not true.  I’m rather anal when it comes to noting distinct differences when baking in trials. One needs good bench notes, it’s imperative if you are being relied upon to offer a true reflection of the masters work.  But, in this kitchen, when working within the confines of a familiar bake, caution is tossed to the wind.  I’m a bit of a rogue when left to my own devices.  It’s fun to push the limits when no one is looking, nor relying upon a controlled output.

Today’s bake is a true example.  I went with the obvious favored packet, the one with a date,  June 17.  The year?  Oh heck, I knew you were going to get technical on me. Let’s just say it was 2010 and agree to disagree upon the reason that the other two came about either before, or after that date.  After all, how can a non-dated item vie for a place as, the favorite?  As for Alpha-Omega, the baby that started this whole love affair, he was born in October of 2007.  A labor of love and dedication brought forth by the passing of a precious little cat, Whippie-Nippy.  Had I not immersed myself into something positive, surely I would have succumbed to the grief that labored at my doorstep.   As we all know, losing a beloved pet is as devastating as losing a member of the family. Actually, the two cannot be distinguished from the other.  To love, is to love.

And if the truth be known, I would have loved the other two starters as equally as the ‘favored’ one, but there’s still that element of control within me, for sake of argument, I’m charging June 17th, XXX with the results of today’s mayhem, for after when all is said and done, Alpha Omega bears witness to the very existence that a culture can create its bake.

Rolling more than the dice

Today’s argument

(Mother’s comment to daughter:  I haven’t forgotten our challenge.  I simply haven’t gotten to the grocery store.  ;)
The inside scoop on the daughter’s request can be found, eventually, at   Each Sunday we challenge ourselves to a baking or cooking challenge within our respective kitchens.  California and Texas square off almost weekly.  Or at least, we try.  This week M1 challenged me to a guac contest.  She’s waiting for me to get my act together.  In the meantime, I’m starting up my sourdough yeast as a diversionary tactic.


~ by coffeegrounded on June 21, 2011.

One Response to “Start me up!”

  1. I think your diversionary tactic rocks! And rolls! Literally….

    the picture of “rolling more than the dice is PERFECTION!

    beautiful sourdough….


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