Seeking shade

in the most unlikely spot of all



and doing a bit of Kung-Foo fighting in the process.


I traipsed across the garden to move the hose and burnt the bottoms of my feet. Glancing up, I note the triple digit reading of the outside thermometer.   Why had I ventured out without my flip-flops, barefoot into the summer?  And why, oh why, am I watering at high noon in Hades?

Because I am

a true Kung-Foo fighter.  I like living on the edge.  Of the airport.  Concrete jungle. Freeway funnel.  Land of mayhem.


Because, all is NOT in vain.  This year there are honey bees.  Flitting about the perennials and frolicking in the vegetable garden.  Forget that nothing will produce to a hill of beans (even the pole beans, themselves); it’s simply too hot, but fret not!  I have the honeybees.  They have a place to play, and hopefully, just hopefully, they will wait out the forbidden; surviving this sweltering sizzle, in hopes of finding

a shaded bit of green,

I water for the bees.



~ by coffeegrounded on July 11, 2011.

8 Responses to “Seeking shade”

  1. Watering for bees is a terrific task.

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  2. Please make it cool off before my visit. We’re supposed to be in the 80’s and low 90’s for the next 10 days! Oh, Wed shows a high of 79!!! Don’t be too jealous though, this is highly unusual and terrifying to the grape growers!


    • Oh my! It’s always feast or famine.

      We really will be hunkered down in the air conditioned recesses of the world, but I know we will have a wonderful visit. I am so excited! M2 arrives here on Thursday. Yoo-Hoo!
      See you soon. XOXOXO!!!


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