Not an option

for a redo.  These were just ‘ordinary,’ and downright, boring.  Perhaps the flavors will perk up a bit after resting through the evening, but somehow, I doubt it.


Coconut flour Sourdough

One loaf has a pretty glow about it, induced by an egg wash dosed with a wee bit of honey.  The other loaf has a dusting of more coconut flour, each was added before the scoring.

The crumb is pretty, moist, and will most likely hold up well to a spread of peanut butter; it just doesn’t sing with the lovely notes of a usual sourdough.  It’s a good thing I boosted the poolish with a bit of instant yeast, otherwise there would not have been a fir sitting atop the high-rise.

No effort is ever in vain, especially when making and baking bread.  One can always claim that crackers were the intent, or simply, a toasting bread was needed for breakfast.

I was guilty of assuming that coconut flour would offer up the gusto of the earlier flax or hazelnut bakes, but nothing could have been further from the truth. Coconut flour does not offer the boldness, nor the texture.  I do think that coconut flour has its credits, though, and I’m anxious to add it to muffin and cookie bakes.

For now, I’m removing her from my bread baking repertoire.

(I substituted one cup of coconut flour to my bread bake.)


~ by coffeegrounded on July 19, 2011.

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