I bee eggplant-ed

The poor garden is fading fast, with forty (consecutive) days of temps at 100 or above, its time to let this fat lady sing the blues.  I am down to watering the foundation and not the greenery around this concrete jungle.  Before I get to my finale, allow me to show off my prized veggies:

Globe Eggplant

Ichiban Eggplant

There were hundreds of blooms between these two plants, yet my harvest yielded a total of only five eggplant.

(There was a total of one zucchini, and a zero-zip of cucumbers.  It remains to be seen whether the cotton stand will survive.  Bolls are forming, and therefore, I’m hopeful!)

Even when a garden fails, nature wins.  Sometimes we simply need to look a bit harder to see the reward, but it’s there.  There were honeybees!  It was simply too warm to see the fruits of their labor, but I’m keeping out hope that they had some nectar to reward them.

Keep hope alive.  :)


~ by coffeegrounded on August 10, 2011.

One Response to “I bee eggplant-ed”

  1. They’re so pretty! I’m so amazed that anything can withstand that heat. My garden is growing so slowly and we’ve had excellent weather. I guess I just didn’t inherit the green thumb!


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