I know I said

“Thank you!”

I heard my family say it too, but I wish we had

just one more day,

one more chance.

To let you know just how grateful we were,

and are, for all that you gave.


Yesterday a phone call came just as the long shadows of the day descended upon the house. Heartbroken and sobbing, a friend with a message, and one that comes so unexpectedly.

News that our vet passed away, suddenly, unexpectedly, just as he was preparing a pet for surgery.

If we had one more day, just one more chance, we’d take it to say,

“Thank you.”

Our hearts are heavy. Doctor S. saw us through the diagnosis of diabetes and treatments with Ace Ventura, the liver failure (and suspected cancer) of Whippie-Nippy, and the life-changing therapy that helps our Hannah live with arthritis.

We live in a small enclave of a major metropolitan area. The ‘vet,’ in-the-area, and the one that we would all come to know, and love, is gone. He will never be forgotten. Each of us is believing, more than ever, of the Rainbow Bridge. It makes this loss a bit lighter. It makes it almost manageable.  He was always there for us.  It is time that we are there for him.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those that grieve with us.

Remember the Rainbow Bridge.

Remember.  We are not alone.

Thank you, Dr. Singleton.

Thank you for everything.


~ by coffeegrounded on September 10, 2011.

One Response to “I know I said”

  1. He will be missed so much by the pets and their owners. We were so lucky to have him when we needed him the most. I hope that all of his patients are able to find someone with so much knowledge and compassion.


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