Things are getting dicey

Trouble began when I entered the room.

Call it a wild hair, a tempting of fate or a simple act of randomness.  I’m unable to restrain myself when wild yeast enters the picture.  I’ll try anything, once or twice, before I venture forward toward my next faux-pas.  Some call it, ‘beating oneself up beside the head’ but I prefer to simply consider it the flagship of all things, me.

Knowing oneself proves beneficial sometimes.  No longer can I pin the error of my ways upon the innocent bystander.  No slouching, no diminutive jesting, simply a necessity for my sanity:  Ownership, it becomes clear that I am heir-apparent, and with that bit of wisdom comes freedom to admit that it ain’t easy, being easy. But I do try. Take that less-than-fortunate display of seeded tile.  Earlier in  life I would have reprimanded myself senseless for being so careless. Of course, there was a time when I wouldn’t have opted to discard a spill, opting instead to simply shovel, as best I could, the remnants of my drop.  But living with three cats and a lab make it easier to toss, than chew….through fur.  Today, I simply vacuumed up the mess and continued on my way toward another round of that yummy semolina bread.  It matters not that I’ll be baking at a late hour.  I figure if I can tooth-pick my eyeballs open, fresh bread benefits me when I roll from my cozy bed  in the morning.  You’ll have to excuse me in the meantime. I’ve got to tear myself away from here and go root for my ball team.


Tomorrow, I’ll show you how I threw caution to the wind, once again, as I changed the rules of my game plan.

Who needs recipes?  Take chances.  Life hits once, be sure to beat the Dickens out of it! Pretend that it’s confetti and your team is winning.

~ by coffeegrounded on October 20, 2011.

One Response to “Things are getting dicey”

  1. Oh you should have just blamed it on Gilbert! Can’t wait to see more bread pictures!


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