‘Mischief wins the war’

It also helps to know how to punt, or as happens with my favorite ball team: step up to the plate, step into the bat, take a steal, and know how to calm the jitters when things are looking dicey.

Bread making is a bit like baseball, too.  Sometimes it’s game plan, and then sometimes it’s simply, game ‘on.’  The boys had me a bit nervous in the ninth inning, but they rallied.  The bread did too.  It slid into ‘home base’ around ten-ish.  I tossed a clean tea towel over the piping loaves and headed toward my private dugout .

I’m planning another inning, covering my bases in sultana’s and orange zest before I slide head-first into home.

I can’t leave this recipe.  Twice, intentionally, I have walked myself.  The printed recipe is the coaches advice, and I’ve careened around the bases, free-style. I figure if I play with this thing long enough, I may just learn how to be coached.  In the meantime, i’m rogue.

Consider the tie.

and third times a charm.

The boys are coming home:  7:05 p.m., Saturday, to my local brickyard.



~ by coffeegrounded on October 21, 2011.

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