The happenstance of luck

A tail darted past the window, then another.    Who goes there, and why?

Dashing through the living room and on toward the hallway, I find myself flinging open the front door and into the faces of two pugs.  Neither of them wearing tags or collars.

Oh my….

What do I do?

I can’t let them roam the street, so I wander with them.  Down one block, up another, and pretty soon it’s clear:

We don’t have a game plan!

Reaching down, I take one of them into my arms.  Can I get the other to follow?

You bet!


Home, and now what do I do?

There’s a yellow lab that is begging the question, “What do you think you’re doing?”

Three cats are echoing her sentiment.

The backyard is gated.  “Why don’t you two doggies go play while this old woman figures out what to do, next?”

That yellow lab is beginning to ask her own set of questions:

“Whose backyard do you think this is, anyway?”  and “Are you sure you want to do this?”

Forget what questions those cats were asking.  Typing that language will only get me into deeper mischief.

I’m trying to get the lab to agree to disagree, but she’s not having any of the negotiations.  I grab her harness and leash and negotiate the recognizance.  Taking to the streets with a passion unbeknownst to all of mankind, we chart waters like never before.  Up one street, down another and soon it is evident.

There ain’t nobody lookin’ fur nuttin’.

It’s past high noon and there are hours to go before folks decide something has gone awry.  It’s time for a sign-posting.


Signs up, but it’s the beginning of the weekend.  I guess I best plant myself in the front yard and make like a tree.  Maybe someone will notice me and ask questions. Soon those fading flowers are no more, that mulch is no longer impacted.  The sidewalk looks like it belongs in the house.  If it could shine, it would.  Things are so clean and tidy out here, but guess what?

Ain’t nobody lookin’ fur nuttin’

and with the absence of daylight savings time this day is fading fast.  We’re about to ride off into that thing called, sunset.


(…Bread baking.  Pug.  That reminds me of that Italian bread, Pugliese.  Oh, and what is that?  Pandoro.  The Italian holiday bread?

I’m in trouble.  I’ve got their names picked out.  And so fitting!  I’m a bread baker.  Pugliese and Pandoro Pug.  Adorable.

I’m in so much trouble….)


My strategic defense is waning.  The yellow lab is dancing restless at the wiles of her owner.  She hands me the car keys while jumping instantly into the backseat of the car.

I think I heard her bark,

“Drive, you crazy woman!”


I’m sure I heard her.


We are cruising the neighborhood  in hopes of finding the poor soul, or souls, that have lost their best friends.  Down one street, and up another, but nothing seems amiss.  Oh wait!

Could this be?

…I came upon her, honed in by the ESP of the canine.   My backseat driver…

Right there, before me, as I turned up the street, I noticed a car that had pulled over to the curb.  It’s driver was obviously asking questions of a family.

Could she be asking?

Dare she be asking?


This story has the sweetest of endings.

Pugliese and Pandoro Pug have been rescued!

They evidently took advantage of an open gate, left by a yard crew and an absentminded grandma.

Oh my!


~ by coffeegrounded on November 12, 2011.

2 Responses to “The happenstance of luck”

  1. I wish you had a picture of those babies!


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